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Our Emergency Rooms are all open 24/7 and we accept most major forms of insurance.  



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SignatureCare Emergency Center

Visit SignatureCare Emergency Center – Open 24 Hours!

Emergency Room in Katy

Need an Emergency Room near Katy, TX?

SignatureCare Emergency Center is a 24/7 emergency room located in Houston, TX, that provides urgent medical care to Katy and nearby communities. The services offered include treatment for routine illnesses, painful conditions and minor emergencies. All of these services are offered in a convenient location that is easily accessible to residents in the Houston area.

The Advantage of SignatureCare Emergency Center

Many people have come to associate hospital visits with long wait times, brief doctor visits and the hassle of picking up prescription medications. Our team is dedicated to avoiding all of those problems by creating a unique, effective healthcare experience.

A convenient location means that patients can being receiving treatment soon, rather than having to navigate to a large hospital. Also, wait times to see a physician average 10 minutes or less.

Patients can also receive a complete care experience in one convenient location. SignatureCare Emergency Center has:

  • An onsite imaging center with X-ray and CT scan equipment
  • An in-house analysis and testing lab
  • A 24-hour onsite pharmacy for prescription pickup

All of these facilities allow patients to go from a medical problem to a medical solution in one convenient location.

SignatureCare Emergency Center Cares about Katy Residents

Our expert staff at SignatureCare Emergency Center has the training and experience to ensure that each patient is treated like a person, not just a set of symptoms. The physicians, nurses and technicians are committed to answering questions and explaining procedures to patients in an personal, effective way.

We accept most major insurance plans as well as Worker’s Compensation plans. Whether it’s a sprained ankle, a fever or a work-related injury, SignatureCare Emergency Center can provide care and treatment to help patients return to a state of well-being.

For more information about emergency care in Katy, call the 24-hour hotline at (281) 258-4351 or click here for directions.