5 Tips to Staying Healthy During a Summer Festival

5 Tips to Staying Healthy During a Summer Festival

Outdoor summer festivals and concerts are great fun, drawing huge crowds into relatively small areas. Anywhere there are loads of people, there are some risks, and while we’re not killjoys, a word to the wise about some of the mishaps that can happen could help keep you safe.

Burn Risks

These can come from two directions: overhead and underfoot.

The first, and maybe biggest health-related risk at summer outdoor concerts during daylight hours, is sunburn. The last thing on your mind is taking care of your skin when the music is fine and friends surround you, but this distraction can have some serious effects.

If you know you’re going to be outdoors for several hours, especially in the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest, prevention is the best cure.

  • Take a high factor sun cream or lotion and apply it regularly to all the exposed skin. Reapply every couple of hours during the day.
  • Carry your own shade in the form of a hat – even a baseball cap with a peak can help shade your face. A light cotton shirt you can quickly slip on will give protection to shoulders and arms.

While you’re out in the sun, you may not feel any burning sensation, so look for other danger signs of sunburn such as blisters forming on the skin.

The second burn risk comes from fires, either naked flames or from stoves. Barbecues in the open with friends are common at festivals, so stay safe with these simple precautions:

  • If you’re using a stove, keep your fuel separate to avoid accidental combustion.
  • Don’t light fires close to trees or tents, especially on windy days when embers can easily blow across and cause fires.
  • Carry basic safety equipment such as a small fire extinguisher and a fire retardant blanket. They needn’t take up much space in your baggage and could save a life.

Protect Your Hearing

Loud music is all part of the experience, but finding yourself right next to the speakers can turn fun into disaster. When you consider how far music at festivals and concerts needs to travel, you realize the speakers at outdoor events are often even louder than those at indoor concerts.

Simple earplugs can protect you from permanent hearing damage if you find yourself uncomfortably close to the speakers. Pick up an inexpensive pair just in case, and if you don’t need them, nothing is lost.

Remember Personal Medication

Medication routines are easy to remember during the normal course of events, but at an all-day concert or festival, it’s easy to let routine slip. Before you head out, make sure you have everything you need, and don’t forget to carry food or drink if that’s needed with your medication. If you’re likely to forget to take pills on time, consider setting an alarm on your phone to remind you.

And speaking of phones, especially if you’re attending an overnight or weekend festival, carry a mobile charger. Keeping your phone charged can help you locate friends if you’re separated, or be on hand to phone for help if an emergency happens.

Stay Sober

Easier said than done, maybe, when drink is flowing and everyone is in party mood. But excessive drinking can lead to rash behavior and be positively dangerous at music festivals. Hold onto your inhibitions and natural self-preservation instincts by monitoring your drinking and not going too far.

Now you know how to stay safe and healthy, here are a few Houston music events to mark on your calendar:

Giving Spirits Concert Series

Country, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Soul and Classic Rock all get an enthusiastic airing from the Legendary Rhythm Bandits in the Plaza. Enjoy the beat of live music from the band that has over 100 years of combined experience.

Rhythm and Blues with Jupiter Pizza & Waffles

Native Houstonian, Tommy Rogers, plays classic covers from Modern Rock, Country and R&B. Well known in the city from regular performances at corporate functions, wedding and music venues, his band is always full of fun and variety. There’s refreshment in the form of beer and wine from Jupiter for just $5 each.

Music in the Plaza with Houston Choral Showcase

With a repertoire from jazz, swing, gospel and Broadway, the Houston Choral Showcase presents a live music night with genre music to please everyone. Bring your own chairs and enjoy a musical night to remember.

Sugar Land Superstar Round 1

What’s not to like in this American-Idol style competition? This is the 10th summer that sees talented singers compete, so bring along your own seat and watch as the five winners are chosen to go forward into the August final.

Have a great summer festival experience and stay safe!


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