Helpful ER Information

Helpful ER Information

Helpful Information – Convenient Emergency Room Care

To help you get the emergency room care you need in a life-threatening situation, please have this information in hand when you arrive at the emergency room.

This helpful information consists of medical forms necessary to check you in to our ER.

Having this information ready can significantly impact the speed at which our emergency room doctors will see you. You may print, complete and bring these forms with you or complete them when you arrive at our emergency room.

Please make sure to have your ID and health insurance information with you as well.

Need a 24-Hour Emergency Room Care?

SigatureCare Emergency Center

If you are in an area you are unfamiliar with and need immediate medical care, TxDOT has added the signage of licensed freestanding emergency rooms to corresponding highway exits.

Use these signs below to help you locate our emergency centers. Need more information about our emergency centers? Check out our FAQ section.

What to Take to SignatureCare Emergency Center

In times of emergency, it’s normal to be stressed and to forget what you should bring to the emergency room. Following items listed on this helpful information page will be helpful. This is a list of items you will need during your visit with us:

  • List of medications (prescription and over the counter such as vitamins or allergy medication)
  • List of recent travel outside of the state or country
  • List of current medical conditions or medical history
  • Name of your personal physician, primary or specialist
  • Driver’s license or similar photo identification
  • Current insurance card (if applicable)

Having your your information ready will speed up the registration process and get you seen by one of our board-certified physicians as quickly as possible.

Download These Forms and Speed Up Your Emergency Room Visit

Time is of the essence during an emergency, which is why we have our important medical forms available for you to download. Please don’t worry if you cannot complete them before arriving. You can always fill out your paperwork once you arrive.

  • Patient Profile Form – Please fill out our Patient Profile Form
  • Assignment of Benefits – Please sign our Assignment of Benefits Form.
  • Patient Consent– Please sign and initial our Patient Consent Form.


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