To All Patients

To All Patients

To our valued patients,

During this public health emergency, Signature Care facilities have worked around the clock as our team members put their own health at risk to care for our patients. For weeks, our facilities have been overwhelmed with the demand for COVID emergency evaluation, and we are doing our utmost to provide excellent care.

Our commitment and mission as a healthcare institution is to serve the medical needs of our patients to the very best of our ability. We understand that during this difficult period, many of our patients are experiencing increased financial hardships. We want to ensure that, when possible, we are not exacerbating those hardships.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (“CARES”) Act and the Families First and Coronavirus Relief Act (“FFCRA”) instruct insurance providers to cover medically necessary testing and any associated medical services without any cost-sharing requirements for the patient. Our goal is that any insured patient who comes into one of our facilities for a medically necessary COVID-19 test will have zero payment responsibility. Insured patients will receive a bill of zero dollars, and will not be responsible for any co-pays, co-insurance, or other charges. This goal requires cooperation from insurance providers, but we are doing what is within our power to make this a reality. Any uninsured patient will pay a deposit towards the price of evaluation. In all cases, SignatureCare follows all laws regarding medical billing and therefore does not engage in surprise billing or balance-billing.

We will continue to work with our patients and their insurance providers to make the promise of free COVID-19 related emergency evaluation possible.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing at SignatureCare Emergency Center