Houston Festivals to Enjoy in May

Houston Festivals to Enjoy in May

Houston Festivals happen year round, but May is a Big Month. There’s plenty to get excited about in Houston this month. It’s festival time, with dancing, good food, great shopping and live music. Here are three of the best, with  tips for keeping yourself and your family safe.

3 Houston Festivals During May 2016

Below are 5 Festivals in Houston during this May. There are many more houston festivals but these are just a few we wanted to share. Remember be safe and alway use sunscreen and drink lots of water to stay Hydrated. In the event you have a medical emergency, contact our Emergency Room for medical treatment.

Texas Crawfish And Music Festival- Houston Festival #1

Our #1 Houston Festivals is the annual Texas Crawfish and Music Festival.  This year, lineups promise to be even more special since it’s the Houston festival’s 30th anniversary.

Held at 209 Gentry Street, it’s one of the biggest and longest-running crawfish festivals anywhere, highlighting the versatility of the humble crawfish as hundreds of chefs gather to prepare them in every way imaginable. But it’s not just crawfish as the festival offers up games and carnival rides, and an eclectic mix of locally produced wines and beers, and a petting zoo.

Musicians from Texas and around the world provide live music, creating a multicultural event that mixes the good things in life: friends, family good food fun and fine music.

Events run over two weekends at the end of April and beginning of May with tickets costing $12 for adults and those over 13, five dollars for kids up to age 12, and children under five free with an accompanying adult.

Don’t like crawfish but still want to have fun? Don’t worry, since there is also Cajun food, burgers, sandwiches, snacks and ice cream so everyone can safely arrive hungry.

Houston BBQ Festival- Houston Festival #2

Our #2 Houston Festivals is The fourth annual  Houston BBQ festival kicks off on 22 May and, if you love good barbecue and equally good music, you won’t want to miss this Houston Festival. All the favorites are back, with The Brisket House, CorkScrew BBQ, Pappa Charlie’s Barbecue and The Wooden Spoke being amongst those aiming to tease your taste buds. There are a few new barbecue joints too, namely BBQ Godfather, Tejas Chocolate (and BBQ) and Jackson Street BBQ. Come hungry and be prepared to top up all day long!

Early booking is vital to get into this popular event. There are no ticket sales on the door, and VIP bookings are already sold out. Happily, tickets are easily and securely purchased online.

On the music front, Jesse Dayton headlines the roundup. Heralding from right here in Texas, his distinctive style has won him a global following.

There will be an increased number of beer lines, so quenching your thirst shouldn’t take long. All good news.

Regardless of weather, this event will go ahead so you can buy tickets with confidence. Everyone over age 6 needs a ticket to ensure there’s enough food for everyone, and it’s heartening to note a portion of the proceeds goes to the Vita-Living charity to help children and adults who have disabilities including autism. The venue, at NRG Park, Gate 13, Lantern Point Drive is stroller friendly but no dogs are allowed and you can’t take your own food or drink.

Houston Greekfest – Houston Festival #3

Our #3 Houston Festivals – Fancy going Greek for the weekend? Make sure you don’t miss Houston Greekfest.

Following the success of the last 20 years, this year’s planned activities offer even more. Between 12th and 15th May, there’s a definite Hellenic atmosphere about town with enough dining and dancing, shopping and church tours to make everyone discover their inner Greek.

Admission is inexpensive, at $3 for adults and kids under 10 going free. Not bad for a Houston Festival. Go along on May 12th and admission is free all round. Organizers are aiming to top the 10,000 strong attendance from previous years, so look forward to more Greek cuisine, Greek art and imported gifts and jewelry.

There’s free parking at KBR building, 1080 Eldridge/Enclave Parkway but arrive early to ensure a spot. Please don’t take pets along.

Have Fun, Stay Safe

The chances of an accident or injury escalate at any of the Houston Festival events which are always packed with people. While organizers of the Houston Festivals do their best to maintain strict security and keep everyone safe, it’s up to each individual to do their part, both for themselves and from consideration for others.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe at large public events:

Know Your Exits – In the event of an evacuation, doorways can quickly bottleneck and surrounding roads become gridlocked. Look for alternative exit routes in an emergency, in case the one closest to you is swamped. Consider strategies such as leaving on foot, even if your car is parked close by. If roads are gridlocked, pedestrians may have more chance of getting away quickly.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Know where medical or first aid points are, as well as restrooms and emergency exits. Have a mental plan for how you’ll act in case of an emergency, both for individual circumstances (if you or your child is injured, for instance) and in case of an occurrence that affects the venue as a whole (such as a security threat or fire outbreak).

With any Houston Festival, if an emergency should happen, please visit our emergency room immediately for medical attention. Our ERs are open 24/7- find the closest emergency room to you and schedule an appointment online using our app.

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