Summer Camp Safety Tips in Richmond, TX

Summer Camp Safety Tips in Richmond, TX

Summer camp is a place where kids can build a lifetime of memories. When your child heads off to camp this summer around Richmond, be sure that proper safety precautions are taken to avoid having your child injured.

Summer Camp Safety Tips and Protocols

One of the first things which you will want to do when choosing a camp for your child is to make sure that there are safety protocols in place.

Any good camp will have a set of rules in place to make sure that all campers have a happy and fun time. These rules and regulations may pertain to which foods a child can bring, what happens if there is a bee sting, what happens on days when campers go into the water or out in the woods and what happens if there is a stomach virus going around.

Share Pertinent Information about Your Child

Most summer camps in Richmond, TX will ask for a complete health history on your child. These camps are making sure that shots for measles, mumps, rubella and TB, among others, are up to date.

When enrolling your child in camp it is important to speak with a counselor and explain any medical concerns which you may have. Some important topics which should be covered with camp counselors include:

  • If your child has any food allergies
  • If your child has allergies to bees
  • If your child has allergies to animals
  • If your child carries an EpiPen®
  • If your child carries an inhaler
  • If your child is diabetic
  • If there have been any recent surgeries

When sharing this information you may want to see if there is a nurse on staff. Type up a sheet which covers your child’s medical history so that the nurse has this on site.

There may be hundreds of children at one camp, making it very hard for a nurse to remember each and every detail. Having a quick guide to your child’s specifics will give you peace of mind in case there are ever any emergencies.

Learn about the Summer Camp Counselors

When looking for a safe summer camp in Richmond, it is important to learn about the counselors. These are the people that your child will be spending quality time with over the summer; you want to know they are the best. Some questions which you should ask the camp director include:

  • Is the camp accredited? American Camp Association accreditation ensures that there are high safety regulations in place.
  • What is the camp director’s background? Ascertain if the experience level of the director, years of schooling and years of service.
  • What training do the counselors receive?
  • What is the camper to camp counselor ratio?
  • How old are the counselors?
  • How many counselors have been with the camp for multiple years?
  • Can you read references for the counselors?

Whether you are considering Camp Pecan Grove, Kids ‘R’ Kids Summer Camp or other local summer camps in Richmond, TX,  be sure to ask all the tough questions to ensure that this is the right camp for you and your child.

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