15 Best Free Android Fitness Apps

15 Best Free Android Fitness Apps

Imagine transforming your Android phone into fitness and nutrition teacher? Well that is what you will get when you integrate Android fitness apps on your phone. With the use of fitness apps you can keep your body in good condition and improve your lifestyle.

It does not matter the type of fitness training you want to embark on. Whether it’s running, weight lifting, six packs training, weight loss training, yoga, hiking, walking, and so much more, the below android fitness apps has everything you’ll need to be in good shape. You no longer have to visit a fitness trainer before you can be able to stay fit.

The below fitness apps are designed to be your personal coach in any fitness activity you want to do. Get these apps from Google Play Store and see the wonders they will perform in your life.

  1. Endomondo

Endomondo is a high performance fitness tracker and personal training app you can use to improve your fitness routine. It effectively tracks your runs, walks, push-ups, mountain climb, cycling and many other sports. The app uses GPS transceiver on your phone to record your workouts, check your stats, and enhance your fitness performance. It shows your overall training duration, speed, distance, calories and much more. Endomondo also provides audio feedback on distance and pace for every mile/km. The app uses Bluetooth heart rate monitors to record your heart rate during training.

The app integrates MyFitnessPal which provides you with calories and nutrition information. If you want to be sure of how much you train for each day then Endomondo is what you need on your phone.

  1. Google Fit

Use this fitness app to measure the time of your training activities. Your android phone or Android Wear watch will automatically logs your cycling, walking, jogging, running, or any other sports with Google Fit. The app provides well detailed stats for your training route, speed, pace, elevation and much more. It incorporates other powerful fitness apps to record your fitness, nutrition, sleep and weight.

With Google Fit you can be able to reach your fitness goals based on time, distance, calories burned and steps. Google Fit is the app you need to track all your fitness activities with ease.

  1. Nike + Running

This app is designed to accurately track your runs and helps you get the best out of running activity. The app comes with relevant features that will motivate you to be a better fitness runner. It does not matter if you are a first time runner or marathon veteran, Nike + got you covered. The app incorporates your phone’s GPS transceiver and accelerometer to give accurate measurement of your distance, pace and time.

Nike + integrates in-run audio feedback to track your running performance. It includes Nike + Coach to give you excellent training program, coaching expertise and daily workouts plans.

  1. Runkeeper

This is a professional sports tracker app that can measure your workout distance, chart weight loss, crush training goals and much more. Runkeeper is a good choice to go for the accurate tracking of your runs, bike rides, hiking, mountain climbing, walks, training workouts and any other fitness activities. With this app you can be able to locate and follow pre-planned routes and draft your fitness activities on the go. It has audio coaching that provides you with detailed training plan workouts.

Runkeeper offers audio updates that give info on your total mileage, calorie count, pace, speed and mileage. The app integrates with your phone’s music app to ensure you listen to your favorite music while working out. The app includes Live tracking tool that allows your friends watch your fitness activities while you are working out.

  1. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Use Strava fitness app to track your fitness activities, evaluate performance and share your fitness data with family and friends. The app provides full stats of your activity including speed, pace, elevation gained and much more. The training log makes it possible for you to monitor your training and see your improvement. Strava is compatible with virtually every GPS running watches, cycling computers, and activity trackers to ensure you effectively track your training moves.

Strava is the app you need to get accurate running pace, cycling speed, route distance, calorie burn and elevation for any fitness activity.

  1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal enhances your fitness activities so you can lose weight fast. It’s one of the best health and fitness app you can find on Google Play. The app features over 6,000,000 food database and calorie counter to help you shed some pounds fast. It’s a high performance diet app you can’t afford to lose. It tracks your diet and exercise in less than 5 minutes a day. MyFitnessPal comes with recipe importer that lets you browse any recipe on the web and quickly import and track the ones you want.

You can use it to easily build your custom foods and exercises, record all useful nutrients, view performance details, and much more. With this app you can track over 350 cardio exercises and fitness training.

  1. Lifesum

With Lifesum you can improve your exercise, eat balance diet and improve your health status. The app has collection of diets to help you live a healthy life. It includes Reminder to ensure you drink enough water daily and with feed to improve your diet.  It feature body summary so you can see how you are performing. Lifesum comes with water, meal and exercise tracker to ensure you get result fast in fitness activities.

  1. Workout Trainer

This is a useful fitness app that provides you with tons of free workout and custom training programs to ensure you stay fit. It includes powerful personal trainers guide to help you with fitness activities, detailed audio, video training instructions and much more. Workout trainer is best suitable for weight lifters, bodyweight workouts trainers, skimble’s workout trainers, rep-based workouts trainers, timed workouts trainers and much more.

Workout Trainer will help you get a six pack, shed some pounds, increase your running speed, practice yoga and much more. Workout trainer specializes in heavy training activities, fast strength building activities, high performance yoga practices and many more. This is the android app you need to achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Runtastic Push-Ups Workout

This android app will show you how to be a master of push-ups. The app will transform your android phone into your personal push-ups trainer and helps you to do more push-ups. So get ready to strengthen and increase your muscle mass in any location with this app. Runtastic Push-Ups workout is built based on scientifically proven push-ups training plan guides. It features proximity sensor in your phone to present accurate counts during push-ups.

The app also includes automatic countdown timer to ensure you don’t over train or under train. Use this app and get full detailed stats on your completed push-up.

  1. Sports Tracker Running Cycling

Sports Tracker is a high performance health & fitness app you can use to accurately track your running, cycling, walking, hiking, skiing and all other sports activities. The app includes workout diary that allows you to store all your training data. With this app you can be able to measure and evaluate your fitness performance, share your workout data and photos with family & friends.

Sport tracker integrates maps, time and distance calculator to ensure you get correct training record. Install this app if you really want to track your calories burned, training speed, running pace and altitude.

  1. MapMyFitness

With MapMyFitness you can effortlessly track your cycling, walking, running, gym workouts, calorie counter and many more. The app is loaded with over 600 different types of workouts so you can easily locate the ones that best interest you. It uses GPS transceiver on your phone and customizable voice stats to record your workouts including route, distance, calorie burn, pace and more. The app allows you to sync your account with other powerful health and nutrition apps for the best result.

  1. Runtastic

Runtastic is the app you need to improve your running training activities. The app comes with useful features that will help you easily achieve your fitness goals. Runtastic is the choice app you need to track your training activities such as biking, gym workouts, walking, jogging, running, hiking, and more. It features voice coach to help you all the way. It allows you to integrate free Google Earth App so as to view your workout in 3D. Use it to quickly create and find routes.

Runtastic has customizable dashboard that display your training statistics such speed, pace, heart rate, calories burned, elevation gain and much more. The app includes so many other useful features that makes it a must have fitness app.

  1. Fitbit

Fitbit fitness app helps you to eat better, sleep better and train better. The app will track your steps, distance, calorie burned, elevation gain and much more. Fitbit uses your phone sensors to track your every fitness activities. It features heart rate tracking, workout tracking, food tracker to ensure you achieve your fitness goal.

  1. JEFIT

This is a powerful free personal trainer and workout tracker that motivate you to exercise more and live healthier. You can use it to easily record and log your fitness activities to see how you are performing. JEFIT allows you to create custom training routines, easily track workouts performance, explorer the largest fitness database, manage your stats and share your workout data with family and friends.

  1. S Health

This great health and fitness app acts as your personal coach, trainer and assistant to help you achieve your training goals. It features so many training programs that will help improve your health and lifestyle. S Health is a good app you can use to track fitness activities such as running, hiking, walking, jogging, weight lifting, biking, mountain climbing, and other sports activities.

If you really want to stay fit and improve your lifestyle then the use of any of the above Android fitness apps is a must.

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