5 Happiness Hacks to Chase Away the Winter Blues

5 Happiness Hacks to Chase Away the Winter Blues

Does winter’s gloom get you down? You won’t be disheartened by gray days and long nights when you have happiness hacks at your disposal. Follow these five tips to chase away the winter blues and brighten your mood.

Winter Blues Hacks

Set the scene

Why wait for joy to enter your life when you can create happiness? Shake off the blues by setting yourself up to encounter good cheer. Use upbeat visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and olfactory props to lift your spirits. ( Great for your Health)

Fill your home with cozy colors, warm scents, comfy cushions and furry throws. Plus, play uplifting background music as you potter about the house carrying out chores. Studies show sounds can alter brainwaves, and cheerful music will work on your subconscious to make you happy.

Eat for good cheer

People with the blues are inadvertently drawn to foods that deepen gloom. Overly processed, fatty, or sugary foods provide an instant lift but cause your mood to plummet later. Eat food that provides a steady release of energy to keep your vitality strong.

For instance, start the day with eggs and spinach on wholemeal toast, followed by salmon, soybeans, and sweet potatoes for lunch and mixed bean hotpot topped with grilled pumpkin seeds drizzled in tamari sauce for dinner. As a result, your energy won’t dip and make you blue.

Get moving

You might get the urge to hibernate, curling up like a squirrel when it’s cold outside. However, save cozying up for when you wind down at the end of the day. Exercise, whether stemming from a brisk walk or working out, will encourage the flow of feel-good hormones, so get moving and enjoy the results.


Being in terrific company will lighten your mood and make you positive. Spend time with people who support and amuse you. Plan to have fun or enjoy intimate, upbeat conversations. Put the world to rights while you stroll in the countryside or sit by the fire and your brain will be stimulated and vital.

Consume positivity

Everything you mentally consume, from entertainment to the news, influences your well-being. Think of the TV shows, music, and conversational topics as positive or negative fuel for your spirit. Pause occasionally to consider what type of fodder you’re allowing in your mind. Is it inspiring and heartening? If not, change tack and enrich your soul with nourishing fare.

Don’t let the winter blues get you. Chase them away by taking control of your happiness. Increase vitality and elation in the ways mentioned. You’ll soon see wintertime as the season to top-up with joy.



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