5 Spring Break Tips to Keep You Out of The Emergency Room

5 Spring Break Tips to Keep You Out of The Emergency Room

5 Spring Break Tips to Keep You Out of The Emergency Room

It’s Spring Break Season which means all of the Houston surrounding area college students are getting a much-needed break.  While Spring Break is the perfect time to blow off steam, it’s important to make health conscious decisions so that you don’t spend your break in an Emergency Room.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunburn is one of the common causes for dehydration. Believe it or not, sun burns are responsible for thousands of Emergency Room visits each year. Many are tempted to outright ditch the SPF for the sake of a tan but finding a sunscreen with low SPF can provide good coverage and still leave room to get a couple shades darker.

Buy a cool water bottle and bring it with you EVERYWHERE

Dehydration is one of the most common cases seen in Emergency Rooms during spring break. Drinking water might seem like a no brainer but when you

5 Spring Break Tips to Keep You Out of The Emergency Room

’re enjoying your time with friends, self-care can slip by the wayside. Try investing in a nice water bottle and let it tag along with you and your friends, you can refill it wherever you are and stay hydrated on-the-go.

Prep Your Body Before Alcohol Consumption

If you have plans to drink during spring break, as most do, make sure you prep your body for the amount of alcohol you will be consuming. Eat full meals complete with healthy carbs and drink LOTS of water. When drinking, monitor your consumption and know your limits, alcohol poisoning can be avoided by responsible drinking and preparation.

Be Cautious around Bodies of Water

Whether you are staying in Houston, visiting Houston, or traveling outside of Houston for spring break, you are bound to end up laying by a pool or ocean. Be cautious around all bodies of water during Spring Break, especially crowded bodies of water or those with a current. Know your limits and stay within your comfort zone to avoid drowning emergencies.

Take Care of Your Body After Alcohol Consumption

If you’ve had a long night, or a long couple of nights of drinking make sure to tend to your body’s needs. You will likely need to nap throughout the day for recovery. Make sure you have water and electrolytes readily available to you, often the morning after drinking your body is extremely dehydrated; and, remember to eat, you body needs nutrients and energy to recover from a long night of partying.

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