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Call or Visit SignatureCare Emergency Center – Open 24 Hours!

Emergency Room

Our Emergency Rooms are all open 24/7 and we accept most major forms of insurance.  


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SignatureCare Emergency Center

SignatureCare Emergency Center ER is a freestanding emergency room, with a location in Houston, Sugar Land, College Station, and Austin.  The ER is open 24/7 and staffed with board-certified physicians. The Emergency Room functions exactly like a Hospital  ER. Our emergency rooms are located in local neighborhood communities. We are open 24/7 for  emergency room needs. We have ambulance service available if you cannot drive. Call one of our emergency rooms for more information. 

SignatureCare Emergency Center – Open 24 Hours!

About SignatureCare Emergency Centers

Your Care is Our Signature

In the stress and confusion of an emergency, it’s comforting to know you have a skilled medical staff “on call” and ready to help. You have SignatureCare Emergency Center.

SignatureCare Emergency Centers know the importance of having 24/7 emergency medical services for you and your loved ones to deal with those unexpected medical emergency needs. Our emergency rooms are near you in local communities.

We care about our communities and regularly participate in local events. Check out our Facebook page for pictures and updates! For a list of local physicians in houston we recommend, click here.

Professionally-Trained Emergency Room Medical Staff for All of Your Emergency Medical Needs

Our emergency room locations are staffed with medical professionals of all types. Most importantly, you will always be seen by a board-certified physician during your visit and cared for by emergency room trained nurses and er trained medical staff. You will always be in good hands with our ER medical staff that includes:

  • Licensed ER nurses
  • Radiology technicians
  • Emergency-trained ancillary staff and more

State-of-the-Art Medical Facility With Short Wait Times

Licensed by the Texas Department of Health Services, our emergency room offers state-of-the art medical imaging, X-Rays and ambulance services.

A short wait time – typically 10 minutes or less – brings you faster results. You receive complete emergency treatment services, including injections, IV therapy for pain, breathing treatments and most other medications found in any hospital-based emergency room.

Click here for a 360° walk through of our facility.

SignatureCare Emergency Center is Your Best Choice for Emergency Care

With unparalleled efficiency, shorter ER wait times, a convenient emergency center locations and a comfortable setting, SignatureCare Emergency Center is easily your best choice when an emergency arises.

Your personal physician can contact us anytime – we understand the benefits of communicating with your regular doctor about the care and treatment you received.

Board-Certified Physicians Who Care About Their Patients

Dr. Aaron Braun, SignatureCare Emergency Center’s medical director, was recently featured in an article on Physicians Practice. Dr. Braun gave his insight on how the team at Signature Care Emergency Center deals with unhappy or angry patients.

Ideally, physicians would be able to diffuse every angry patient, while also determining the core of their angst. But Braun reminds us that’s just not feasible. “Negotiation is an art that is learned simply by experience. Some are better at it than others,” he said. “The bottom line is that the safety of the staff, other patients, and the patient must be of first priority and not every situation will allow a physician the luxury of being able to tease out the root of the patient’s abnormal behavior.”

If you’d like to read more, visit PhysiciansPractice.com.

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Review: “Went there today with a minor emergency this morning. The staff including Melinda was very nice and quick, I was in and out within an hour. Dr. Dang was a good doctor seems he really care for patients.” – Alez W. from Sherman, TX via Yelp.com

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SignatureCare Emergency Room services for adults and pediatrics. 

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SignatureCare Emergency Room accepted most insurance plans. 

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SignatureCare Emergency Room pediatric emergency room services.