Many people would drink a warm mug of apple cider during cold months. But not a lot of people would consider having an apple cider vinegar drink. There are a lot of benefits that go with drinking apple cider vinegar with mother. It has been known to promote weight loss, improve bowel movement, and regulate blood pressure levels.

How To Make An Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

Drinking apple cider vinegar doesn’t mean that you’ll chug it straight from the bottle. In fact, you only need 2-3 tablespoons mixed with 8 ounces of water to make the drink. Most people prefer having it with a cold glass of water since it reduces the strong acidic taste. People get used to it over time, but if adding a sweetener is best for you, opt for natural ones such as Stevia, brown sugar or agave syrup.

Drink the mixture at least once a day and preferably in the morning.

Now that you know how to make your apple cider vinegar drink, what are its health benefits?

Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

  1. Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a common lifestyle disease. A lot of diabetics would rely on synthetic solutions to help curb the symptoms of blood sugar problems, but there is actually a more natural way. Apple cider vinegar is known to decrease blood sugar levels of up to 30 percent even after consumption of sugars and refined carbohydrates. This is good news for people who are watching over their blood sugar levels. In general, vinegar consumption is known to improve insulin sensitivity, which is very important for people who are at risk for diabetes.

  1. Aid in Weight Loss
  2. One of the most popular benefits of apple cider vinegar drink is its weight loss capability. The enzymes contained in apple cider vinegar are known to prolong satiety or the feeling of being full. In fact, you will notice this as you take your first drink of apple cider vinegar. You may lose your appetite for a period of time and feel full even if you did not take a large meal. This feeling of satiety has been crucial in the drink’s effectiveness in fat loss. According to health experts, people who drink apple cider vinegar consumed 270 fewer calories than the control group who didn’t.

    1. Decreases Cholesterol Levels

    Perhaps blood sugar isn’t your problem, but cholesterol is. Apple cider vinegar can also aid in reducing your bad cholesterol levels significantly when taken daily. A recent study has shown that consuming apple cider vinegar has increased the chances of the body producing HDL good cholesterol and minimizing the LDL bad cholesterol. Somebody who is at risk for heart disease or high cholesterol levels can benefit from a daily habit of drinking apple cider vinegar.

    1. Improvse Bowel Movement

    Constipated? Try drinking apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is known for its fermented components and is known to produce good bacteria inside the body. Having a regular dose of fermented foods and drinks, can help improve your digestion and passing of stools. A lot of people noticed regular bowel movement couples with weight loss upon drinking apple cider vinegar.

    1. Relieves Symptoms of Acid Reflux

    If you or a family member is suffering from frequent acid reflux, having a daily dose of apple cider can help. At first, it can be counter-intuitive because apple cider is a form of an acid itself. However, taking the drink actually helps prevent more reflux by introducing more acid into your body, therefore preventing your stomach to create more backflow.

Other benefits include lowering of blood pressure, soothing of sore throat, prevention of indigestion and helps clear stuffy nose. With all its great benefits, it is a mistake to miss out on having a regular drink of apple cider vinegar.

Its fermented properties and enzyme components make it a powerful, natural remedy for a lot of health problems and could keep you and your family away from an emergency room. Make sure to use organic and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with mother for the best results.