Bicycle Safety Tips for Riding around in Cinco Ranch, Texas

Bicycle Safety Tips for Riding around in Cinco Ranch, Texas

Summer is a great time for riding bikes. When out with the kids it is important to teach them proper bike safety and etiquette. Not only will this help to keep the kids safe on the road, but it will help to keep the other riders safe as well.

Wear Proper Bike Attire Every Time You Ride Bicycles in Texas

Before hitting the open road or the trails around Cinco Ranch, TX, dress the part. Cycling is a sport and requires proper attire.

  • Everyone should have a helmet.
  • Pants should not be lose or they can get caught in the gears and tear or catch the rider making you or your child fall. Leggings or shorts are a good option for bike pants. Spandex clothing is a favorite choice of cyclists because it is breathable, flexible and will not get caught in the frame, gears or wheels.
  • Sneakers should be tied tight and laces should be tucked into the shoe. Laces which are loose can get caught in the pedals and cause accidents.
  • Gloves are wonderful for keeping your hands from being sticky on the handlebars and relieve some pressure for long distance riders.
  • There should not be any loose jewelry or scarves.
  • Sunscreen is a must if you will be out for more than ten minutes.

Bike Etiquette in Cinco Ranch

There are rules to the road which every cyclist should follow. These rules help to signal to others where you are riding, where you are turning and if someone is coming up behind you. Important bike etiquette includes:

  • A bicycle is a vehicle and should follow the lights and signs which cars would.
  • Bicycles and cars should share the road.
  • When turning right signal by putting your right arm out to the side.
  • When turning left signal by putting your left arm out to the side.
  • When stopping signal by putting your left arm near your hip and waving your hand.
  • When coming up along another rider never pass on the right.
  • When passing on the left signal with your bell or say “on your left” so that the rider in front of you can get to the right side of the lane.
  • Keep eye contact with drivers when you will cross the road and make sure they see you.
  • Never ride with two ear buds in.
  • Never ride on your phone.
  • Never ride while walking your dog.

Riding with Children

Around Cinco Ranch, TX , ride with children around the greenbelt trails. These trails are specifically designed for joggers and cyclists. The greenbelt trails are wonderful spots to teach kids about cycling without having to worry about cars. If you have lots of free time one day, then check out the Bayou Nature Trail which is 4 miles and 70 acres of beautiful woods and wetlands.

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