Fort Bend Children’s Festival and Family Expo This Fall

Fort Bend Children’s Festival and Family Expo This Fall

Parents today face unique challenges when it comes to raising their children to be healthy, happy, and productive individuals. Rather than feeling isolated and ill-equipped to take on this challenge, you can discover fun and innovative support for you and your family when you make plans to attend this year’s Fort Bend Children’s Festival. When you attend this event, you can reach out to services in the community and provide your children with the opportunity to have fun, play games and enjoy other activities.

Network with Local Businesses

This year’s Fort Bend Children’s Festival will give you the chance to meet local business owners who could offer services that will make your job as a parent easier. As your children enjoy the festivities, you can take your time, check out the booths and meet business owners. You could find services and products that will help you with child rearing tasks like:

  • Finding qualified child care
  • Planning birthday parties
  • Signing your kids up for sports teams
  • Choosing a tutor for your children
  • Discover music lessons

When you know what services and products are available to you and your children in the community, you can help your kids grow into productive and happy people and also fill their spare time with activities that could help them develop new skills and talents.

Discover Emergency Medical Resources for Your Family

Along with networking with local businesses, you also have the chance to learn about valuable medical services in the community. As a parent, you understand how worrisome it can be when your children get sick or hurt. You know that sometimes you cannot delay treatment and need to have your children seen by a doctor or nurse immediately. This medical help is available to you around the clock any day of the week at SignatureCare Emergency Center. The doctors and nurses there are equipped to handle any emergency and specialize in treating traumatic injuries and illnesses like concussions, fractures, pneumonia, strep throat and more. Your children can have blood work, x-rays, and other diagnostic tests done at SignatureCare Emergency Center to help their doctors reach a fast diagnosis. Knowing that this medical help is available to you anytime day or night can be just as vital as knowing about the other parenting resources that are available as well.

Register Now to Attend

When you make plans now to attend the festival, you can save money on the price of your admission. You are invited to go to the festival’s website today and save $2 off of your ticket. You can save by completing the online form and submitting it through the website. Pre-registering now lets you reserve your admission and avoid paying the full admission price later. With the Fort Bend Children’s Festival, your job as a parent is easier when you know what community resources are out there for you and your family. You can attend this year’s event and network with local businesses. Along with enjoying great family fun, you can also discover the services that can help your kids stay happy and healthy at SignatureCare Emergency Center in Mission Bend.

By SignatureCare ER | Sep 9th, 2014 | Categories: Community, Kids

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