Common Texas Football Injuries

Common Texas Football Injuries

Football remains one of the most popular sports in Texas. Each year, thousands of children, teens, and young adults join football teams and spend weeks practicing and playing this much beloved sport.

However, given the nature of this activity, hundreds of players suffer injuries that may be prevented with proper precautions and protection. Whether you are a member of a team or the parent of an athlete, you can benefit by knowing how to prevent common football injuries and what steps to take if you or someone you love is injured while playing.

Common Football Injuries in Texas

Players are required to use every part of their bodies when they play this sport. Indeed, no part of your body is safe from being tackled, hit, or impacted during competition.

Even with padding, helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear, you still are at an increased risk of suffering an injury simply due to the fast pace and intense physical action involved with this sport. During a regular season, it is not uncommon for a team to witness players afflicted by common injuries.

Below are some common football injuries we see in Texas.

  • Dislocated knees
  • Torn ACLs
  • Concussions
  • Sprains
  • Broken bones
  • Turf toe

These injuries and numerous others plague football players and can compromise a team’s ability to compete successfully.

Preventing Commin Football Injuries in TX

Because of the devastating impact that football-related injuries can have on you and your team, you may wonder what you can do to keep this risk at bay.

Sports trainers typically recommend that players take their time warming up prior to practice or games and to stretch all of their leg, arm, back, and neck muscles before they take to the field. Likewise, common sense strategies like maintaining a good strength training program during the off season, staying hydrated and wearing protective gear during both practices and games can go far in helping you or your football player stay safe.

Treating Injuries and Seeking Medical Attention When Necessary

Even with your best efforts to lower the risk of being hurt, you can still benefit by having a good medical team ready to help you if or when football-related injuries affect your family.

Your neighborhood SignatureCare Emergency Center offers the services you need to help minimize the pain, stop the damage from affecting other parts of the body, and treat the injury as quickly as possible.

The physicians at SignatureCare Emergency Center are skilled at treating concussions, broken limbs, pulled muscles and other traumatic injuries. You or your athlete can get access to immediate imaging services, laboratory services, and more when you allow the medical team at this location to help you.

Football stands out as a much-loved sport in this state. When you or someone in your family can be counted among the hundreds of football players who are hurt each year, you can get back to enjoying this sport again soon by knowing how to prevent and treat your injuries.

Part of your football safety plan should include entrusting your health to the professionals at SignatureCare Emergency Center. The doctors, nurses, and staff at this facility can treat your injuries and help you return to the sport that you love.

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