Consider Freestanding Emergency Rooms

Consider Freestanding Emergency Rooms

You may dread having to go to the emergency room. In addition to being in pain or ill, you also may not be looking forward to the long wait and rushed, impersonal care found in some hospitals today.

However, when you want to avoid the stress that comes with a typical ER visit, you may seek care at a freestanding emergency room rather than one that is attached to an acute care hospital. When you visit a freestanding ER, you can enjoy several advantages.

The advantages of a freestanding ER

Shorter Wait Times

One of the biggest advantages is the shorter wait times often experienced at these locations. If you are accustomed to waiting for hours to see a doctor at a hospital emergency room, you may be surprised to find that your wait time is significantly shorter when you visit a freestanding ER.

This kind of ER facility often has staff on hand to handle a wide array of emergencies. You will not see doctors and nurses rushing in and out of rooms to treat patients who have been waiting for hours. You can usually be seen and treated in a minimal time, which can be important when you want to go home soon and rest.

Accessibility of Care

Hospitals are most often located inside the busiest areas of a city. When you need emergency care, you may have to drive or have someone drive you all the way inside the city limits to be seen.

However, freestanding ERs are located throughout a metro area, including on the outskirts of town, in the suburbs, and in rural areas. You do not have to drive at length to reach a medical facility for help. You can enjoy the accessibility that these facilities now offer.

Quality Service

If you have never before visited one of these facilities, you may harbor doubts about the level of care actually offered at a freestanding emergency room. These locations are held to the same standards as other emergency rooms. They must meet the same quality, licensing and safety standards as hospital-based ERs.

The staff must also meet the same state licensing requirements mandated for hospitals. They cannot shirk their training or duties to their patients simply because they are practicing in a freestanding location. You can be confident that you will be seen and treated by people who have undergone the same level of training and have been licensed according to the same state standards as ER doctors elsewhere.

Cost and Affordability

Because they are freestanding facilities, these locations have the capability of charging less for services. When you are on a tight budget and perhaps lack private insurance to which to have your care billed, you can save money when you seek help at one of these emergency rooms.


The fact that they are freestanding does not exempt them from operating on an around-the-clock basis. In fact, your local freestanding ER is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. It is also open on holidays and on weekends.

This location also must accept any patient who comes to it for care. If you are new to the area, just visiting friends and family members, or usually seek medical care at another clinic, you cannot be turned away. This convenience lets you get medical help without being left to deal with your injury or illness until your regular doctor’s office is open or you return to your hometown.

As the healthcare industry continues to experience an influx of new patients, you may wonder what your best option is for getting quick, convenient and quality care. You can enjoy several unique advantages when you choose a freestanding ER over one that is attached to a hospital. When you visit one of our SignatureCare locations, you may be treated quickly and given thorough medical attention that will help you heal and recuperate faster.

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