Rapid COVID-19 Evaluation

Rapid COVID-19 Evaluation

Rapid COVID-19 Evaluation at SignatureCare Emergency Center


SignatureCare Emergency Center NO LONGER Administer Regen-COV Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Treatment

According to the new guideline from the Health Department, SignatureCare Emergency Center is NO LONGER administering Regen-COV Monoclonal Antibody infusion treatment. We are working on acquiring a more effective antibody treatment against the Omicron variant.

COVID-19 evaluation is now available at ALL SignatureCare Emergency Center locations in Texas.

  • Are you at risk for contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • Have you recently been in an area known for community spread of COVID-19?
  • Do you believe you have been around someone exposed to COVID-19?
  • Have you been in contact with someone who later tested positive for COVID-19?
  • Are you experiencing fever, cough, headache, or shortness of breath?
  • Is your spouse, child, or family member a healthcare worker?
  • Are you a healthcare worker, first responder, nurse, doctor, or someone that interacts with patients every day?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, it may be time to get COVID-19 evaluation completed.

SignatureCare Emergency Center’s neighborhood emergency rooms throughout Texas are evaluating for COVID-19. We have two different tests for the pandemic – Antigen test and Molecular (PCR) test.

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, no scheduling is required to get evaluated
  • Want to schedule an online appointment?  Please go to our emergency medical evaluation appointment page to schedule your evaluation appointment
  • Wait time in the ER may be longer
  • We can bill your health insurance
  • Our emergency rooms are open 24/7

Below are the two types of COVID-19 tests we conduct at SignatureCare Emergency Center.

Antigen Test

Available at Signaturecare: Yes
On-Site: Yes.
Results typically back in 15 Minutes

Rapid antigen tests are easily performed at our ER with a nasal swab. The test detects viral protein in an actively infected person. The manufacturer published data that states that the test is 100% specific (Meaning: if it is positive it is 100% accurate), and that it is 80% sensitive (meaning: if it is negative, it is 80% accurate).

Molecular (PCR) Test

Available at Signaturecare: Yes
On-site or Send Out: Send Out
PCR test results will be available in two (2) hours or longer.

PCR tests are performed with a nasal swab. The test detects viral genetic material (RNA). It is considered very accurate but takes more time. If you have symptoms, and other tests are not showing it, then you may need to consider a PCR test.