Update: SignatureCare Emergency Center is no longer administering Regen-COV Monoclonal Antibody infusion treatment. We are working on acquiring a more effective antibody treatment against the Omicron variant which is expected in early January, 2022.

Regen-Cov Monoclonal Antibody Treatment at SignatureCare ER

Please call 1-888-871-6130 to be pre-screened by one of our specialists prior to visiting our emergency center to receive the Regen-COV monoclonal antibody treatment.

SignaturerCare Emergency Center is now administering Regen-Cov Monoclonal Antibodies to COVID-19 patients throughout Texas who qualify to receive the treatment.

You must qualify to receive the treatment and all patients must be pre-screened for eligibility prior to visiting any of our emergency centers. You will not be allowed to receive the treatment if you do not get pre-screened, before visiting our facility.

To get pre-screened, please call 1-888-871-6130, prior to visiting our emergent center.

What are Monoclonal Antibodies?

Monoclonal antibodies (mABs) are antibodies developed in a laboratory to help our bodies fight off infection. They are not new – almost 100 mABs have already been FDA approved to treat medical conditions including cancers and autoimmune diseases. Bamnlanivimab was created to treat mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 in non-hospitalized adults and adolescents.

How Regen-COV Monoclonal Antibodies Work

How Regen-COV Monoclonal Antibodies Work

Regen-COV works by binding to the spike protein of the COVID virus and blocking attachment to the human ACE2 receptor which is required for viral attachment to the human cell.

How Regen-COV is Administered

How Regen-COV is Administered

SignatureCare Emergency Center administers the monoclonal antibody treatment intravenously. The process generally takes an hour to administer and an hour to observe the patient afterwards.

Side Effects of Regen-COV Monoclonal Antibodies

Side Effects of Regen-COV Monoclonal Antibodies

Possible side effects of Regen-COV Monoclonal Antibodies can include the following.

  • Allergic reaction
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Fevers and chills
  • Shortness of breath
  • Vomiting

Who is Eligible to Receive Regen-COV Monoclonal Antibodies?

Patients are eligible for the Regen-COV treatment if they meet the following conditions.

  • Mild to moderate COVID symptoms not requiring hospitalization
  • Within 10 days of onset of symptoms and 5 days of positive test
  • 12 years or older
  • High risk for progression to severe COVID-19 disease dure to –
    1. Obesity
    2. Underlying conditions or co-morbidities
    3. Age
    4. Asthma or other lung diseases

Please call 1-888-871-6130 to be pre-screened by one of our specialists before you come to our emergency rooms.

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