Horseback Riding: 5 Tips to Keep You Safe in the Saddle

Horseback Riding: 5 Tips to Keep You Safe in the Saddle

Horseback riding is an enjoyable pastime for many people, but it can quickly turn dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. If you are not wearing the proper gear or are not handling the horse with care, you could suffer serious injuries. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy riding a horse while staying safe in the saddle.

1) Take Lessons

While it looks easy enough to ride a horse, it can be helpful to take lessons. An instructor can teach you:

  • How to properly care for the horse
  • How to direct the horse while you are riding
  • How to safely manage the animal
  • How to behave around a horse to prevent injuries

There are several stables in the Sugar Land, Texas area that provide lessons so that you can learn how to ride a horse properly.

2) Wear a Helmet

It is just as important to wear a helmet while riding a horse as it is while you are skating, riding a bike or riding a motorcycle. The skull is fragile, and a throw from a horse could cause severe damage. You should wear a hard hat that fits properly so that your skull is protected as much as possible. If you are taking lessons, the facility will likely require you to wear a hard hat during your lessons.

3) Take It Easy

You may be eager to feel the wind in your hair as you gallop away on a horse, but this can be very dangerous, especially if the terrain is rough. You should carefully watch the ground for any holes, logs or other items that could spook or injure your horse. You should also go slowly across any unfamiliar terrain so that you and the horse can grow accustomed to it.

4) Match Your Boots and Stirrups

Some of the most severe equestrian injuries are caused when the rider’s boot gets caught in the stirrup. You can prevent this by wearing a boot with a heel high enough that it won’t slip through the stirrup. You may also want to invest in a saddle that has a release catch, and you should always make sure that your foot is properly placed in the stirrup.

5) Examine Equipment

Before you ride a horse, you should carefully inspect the equipment to make sure that it is working properly. If it is damaged or broken, it could cause you to be seriously injured. A good instructor will teach you about each piece of equipment and how to spot possible problems. He can also train you to properly use the equipment so that you and the horse are comfortable and safe.

Horseback riding is extremely enjoyable, but it can also be very dangerous if you are not careful. Make sure you exercise extreme caution before riding horses.

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