2018 Houston CrossFit Trends and Tips to Help You Prevent Workout Injuries

2018 Houston CrossFit Trends and Tips to Help You Prevent Workout Injuries

2018 Houston CrossFit Trends and Tips to Help You Prevent Workout Injuries

In Houston, CrossFit is experiencing an explosive growth. As of March 2018, there were 21 CrossFit affiliates in the area including locations in Sugar Land.

Houston fitness experts believe the popularity of the program is as a result of its ability to use multiple training techniques to work all areas of the body for comprehensive fitness – a concept that’s easily adaptable. Plus, each gym publishes a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) schedule, so participants can easily select the workouts that fit their immediate needs.

Another reason for the unprecedented growth is its versatility. Everybody can benefit from CrossFit training regardless of fitness level. It provides the average person an all-around fitness program and appeals to athletes by increasing their overall fitness level, which helps them perform better.

2018 Houston CrossFit Trends

Enthusiasm for fitness in urban environments including Houston, TX is also growing due mostly to increasing interest in competitions such as American Ninja Warrior and Spartan obstacle course races. These television programs that are geared towards fitness buffs are helping to drive more Houstonians to these specialized gyms.

Another trend benefiting CrossFit is the desire for general fitness rather than for specific athletic pursuits. That makes CrossFit the ideal choice.

Avoiding Common CrossFit Training Injuries

CrossFit benefits people of different fitness levels as long as trainers and participants approach workouts with the right knowledge and form. However, with the number of participants and the variety of workouts, CrossFit athletes can be injured. If you’re entering — or already in — the Houston CrossFit scene, you must understand common injuries and how to prevent them.

Most CrossFit injuries stem from impatience and overconfidence. Moving to higher-level workouts or increasing the intensity too quickly causes your body to become overworked and susceptible to injury. You must ensure you’re prepared for the next level by testing your ability and seeking feedback from a qualified trainer.

Here are some common ways people injure themselves during CrossFit activities.

1. Putting Too Much Strain on the Body

When the body is strained with repetitive movement, injury is a risk. Lower back pain is the most frequent CrossFit injury and is usually caused by stress on the spine due to weight lifting without enough core strength to keep the spine properly aligned. Overuse injuries, such as tendonitis and tennis elbow, are also common in CrossFit and usually heal with time and rest.

2. Using Poor Form During Workouts

Completing an exercise properly provides a more effective workout and reduces the risk of injury. Poor form tends to surface when you’re fatigued and can be combated by reducing the number of repetitions of a specific exercise.

Some CrossFit athletes may also be unaware of the proper from, which is why it’s vital to understand all components of an exercise before attempting it. If you can’t complete an exercise with the right form, it’s better to scale and do exercises that target the same muscle groups until you’re strong enough for more advanced movements.

Working closely with a trainer throughout your CrossFit journey helps ensure you’re using proper form.

3. Ramping up too Fast

If you can perform your usual scaled workout with little to no strain, moving to a harder workout might be appropriate. Scaling up through the pain isn’t always a good idea, though. There’s a difference between being sore after a particularly rigorous work out and dealing with muscle or joint pain during exercise. Talk to your trainer about modifying your workout or certain exercises if you’re dealing with pain.

If you’re not seeing the results you want, you might need to scale back even if strain isn’t an issue. Failure to progress with CrossFit can be a sign of injury or form issues. Deloading, or going back to the basics for a few weeks, and consulting with your coach can help you get back on track with towards your CrossFit goals.

DOMs versus Injuries

DOMs, or delayed onset muscle soreness, is common for CrossFit participants. Expect to feel a lot of soreness after first starting CrossFit or anytime you level up or complete a particularly rigorous workout.

DOMs can begin within a few hours of training and lasts up to a few days, and you’ll feel uncomfortable when moving in certain ways that requires use of the muscle groups you put to the test. For example, athletes who put their upper legs through a serious workout often feel soreness when they sit down or stand up.

When to Visit the Emergency Room if You Have Sports Injury

DOMs soreness is usually different from pain associated with a sports injury. If you feel sharp, stabbing pains when you move or throbbing pains that doesn’t subside with rest, it could be more than muscle soreness.

Other symptoms of a sports injury include redness or swelling at the location of the pain, skin that’s warm to the touch and the inability to move the injured area normally. Visit your closest emergency room if you’re dealing with any of these symptoms. Board-certified ER doctors will diagnose your injury to determine if you have a sprain, fracture or other serious sports injury.

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