Houston’s Top 5 Healthiest Work Environments

Houston’s Top 5 Healthiest Work Environments

Following a healthy lifestyle is not always so easy. It is a life changing decision to make daily adjustments that allow you to stay fit, energized and active. A good diet plan, exercise regimen, and an adequate sleep schedule are all cornerstones of a successful health plan that will make you stronger and protect you against a very long list of common health issues.

But life is not just about free time, right? Well, it probably would be kind of boring if it was!

While a large part of your healthy living will occur outside the workplace, an employer who encourages a healthy lifestyle can definitely make the difference. After all, we all need to spend a very large chunk of our time at work.

Whether you are looking for a new career or want to advance your prospects in your current field, there are now many companies that offer healthy work environments. Always more employers realize that healthy employees are happier, more productive and positive. Combine this kind of efficiency with a positive corporate image and fewer days of sick leave and you’ll soon understand that offering a healthy work environment totally makes sense!

Many of these employers who incentivize a healthy lifestyle are right in the heart of Houston, Texas, so keep reading to learn about Houston’s top five healthiest work environments.

Alief ISD

If you are an educator, teacher’s aide, or even a librarian, then the independent school district of Alief ISD may just be the employer you are looking for. Alief ISD was first founded in 1917 in the urban southwest Houston area.

Over the past 100 years, the district has grown to over 45,000 students, with 41 campuses across a large 36.6 square mile area.

Not only does Alief ISD boast the highest salary for its teachers in all of the Houston area, but they offer career advancement as well as competitive salary packages and a large support staff.

Alief ISD is also committed to the health and wellness of all its employees. The employer offers benefits like on-site wellness checks as well as an overall culture of activity. Alief ISD wants all employees and students to be fit by offering step challenges and free classes at the local YMCA. Gym memberships and other healthy lifestyle programs are discounted or free. You are even encouraged to move and interact with students every day to keep everyone around you as healthy as you are.

If you are a cyclist, then take a look at joining the Alief cycling team. This team regularly takes part in charity races and events. Not only can you stay active, but you can help your local community to fight diseases like muscular sclerosis.


If you are a computer professional who likes to solve operations, technology, and strategy problems for a wide range of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, then Accenture may be a good employer for you. Accenture offers both consulting and implementation of technologies to help businesses succeed. Whether you are a whiz at setting up the perfect cloud or security infrastructure or a research and business analyst, Accenture might have a place for you.

Accenture prides itself on offering what they call “the employee experience”. Accenture takes a page out of the playbook of technology giants like Google and offers a non-traditional work environment. You will not need to work at a desk at Accenture or stare at a plain white wall all day. You can expect a more modern office with pod type workstations and modern decor.

Like most non-traditional companies, Accenture encourages a culture of collaboration, off-site ventures, and new ideas. This type of low-stress workplace is ideal for a healthy lifestyle. After all, a low-stress life can help to reduce your risks of developing and controlling ailments like heart disease, depression, diabetes, asthma, and certain types of intestinal disorders.

Silverado Senior Living

If you have a loved with Alzheimer’s or if you simply have a strong bond with an elderly friend or family member, then you may find yourself committed to improving the lives of the elderly individuals in your community. If you also want a career that involves helping others and making a difference, then Silverado Senior Living center should be on the top of your list of employers.

Just like your decision to empower yourself through a healthy lifestyle, Silverado Senior Living chooses to empower its residents. Silverado is a memory care facility that believes in enriching the lives of residents through outstanding medical care, memory improvement, and personalized assistance. Pet and art therapies, as well as social interactions are a large part of treatment.

Commitment to health and care extends to Silverado’s employees. You can expect to be treated like a part of the family, and this includes a benefits package to keep you in good health. Flexible spending accounts, dental, vision, and medical care are offered. Fitness memberships are also offered at a discount, and you will receive paid vacation and sick time.

Houston's Top 5 Healthiest Work Environments

One of the healthiest aspects of a job at Silverado is the bond you will develop with residents. Research shows that adult bonds and strong relationships are important for your overall mental and emotional well-being.


Microsoft, founded in 1975, is a multinational technology company that has offices all over the world. While its main office is in Washington, Microsoft’s corporate offices are housed in Houston, TX. With its popularity of the Xbox and its ever rising stock prices, Microsoft is a company that knows a great deal about its success, but it has not overlooked its commitment to helping the planet through its corporate social responsibility philosophy.

When you work for Microsoft, you can encourage good health for yourself as well as the rest of the world. Part of their social responsibility philosophy involves environmentally sustainable business practices. Microsoft is carbon neutral and actively works to reduce its water waste. This helps to create a pollution-free environment around you, and this certainly helps to create an environmentally friendly and healthy work environment.

Microsoft also believes in helping employees succeed with their healthy lifestyles both inside the office and out. Benefits include paid maternity and paternity leave, paid full gym memberships, and flexible hours to match your specific sleep schedule.

Other perks like on-site cafes with healthy food options, sports equipment rentals, bicycles for borrowing, and campus-wide sports fields are available. Not only does Microsoft encourage physical fitness, but they offer you all the tools you need to succeed. Extended breaks as well as the opportunity to use facilities outside of working hours are options as well, if you find yourself busy on the job, but still want to engage in regular workouts. Free beverages are provided in various parts of the company too, so you can always keep yourself well hydrated.

NASA Johnson Space Center

If you live in Houston, then you surely know that your city is the home of NASA Johnson Space Center. If you are not a rocket scientist (and I’m talking about the actual job title here!) then you may not think that NASA is the employer you are looking for. However, this may be far from the truth. After all, NASA needs a wide range of support staff that includes accountants, customer service representatives, engineers, communications specialists, marketing professionals, and even teachers.

NASA is a leader in technical excellence, and they encourage a culture of exploration and scientific leadership. NASA also encourages safety and provides work environments with your health in mind. The employer says that their work environments are safe, secure, and well-maintained. Also, state of the art workspaces are something you can expect from NASA. Ergonomic office chairs to fight low back pain as well as well as standing desks are something you are likely to see in a NASA office.

NASA also encourages healthy living with federal insurance plans that pay up to 75% of your insurance premiums. On-site health clinics are available for both emergency aid as well as checkups, immunizations, and screenings. Safety and wellness programs are ongoing within the NASA Johnson Space Center as well.

A corporate culture that fits and makes you fit

If you are looking for a job in the Houston area that matches your commitment to healthy living, then there are a wide range of choices that are available to you. Whether you are a tech-savvy programmer, a teacher, or a space enthusiast, a healthy work environment is right around the corner. Just make sure to look closely at the corporate culture as well the benefit packages offered to you, so you can make the best decision for your needs.

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