Encouraging Your Kids to Enjoy Summer Swimming

Encouraging Your Kids to Enjoy Summer Swimming

When the weather starts to get warmer, thousands of kids, adults, and even family pets head to swimming pools, lakes, rivers, and the ocean to get some relief from the heat and have a fun day out at the same time.  However, swimming isn’t that much fun for those who don’t have the basic water skills needed to swim or even just float on the water.  So what can you do if you have a child who loves having water balloon fights and running through a water sprinkler but is scared of deep water?  Let’s have a look.

Swimming Lessons

One of the first things you may want to do is enroll you and your child in swimming lessons. Where possible, you may want to enroll them in January or February, as this gives them time to learn the basics and become comfortable in the water at a pace that suits them.

The younger you can enroll your child in swimming classes, the quicker they tend to learn. However, even teenagers can get a lot out of swimming lessons.  When signing them up, make sure to inquire about the age and skill set of the class and ask to speak to the swimming teacher.  You also want to make sure that a qualified lifeguard is present at all classes.

Water Games

encouraging your kids to enjoy summer swimming

If you have a child who can swim but just doesn’t enjoy it, you may want to increase their enthusiasm where water-based activities are concerned.  In cases like this, water games and pool parties are a great idea.  By investing in items like inner tubes, boogie boards, and water noodles, you are giving your children something fun to do and showing them that swimming doesn’t have to be about the same old and boring lengths that they may often be taught in swimming lessons.  You could even look into installing a volleyball court or water polo goals for older children.

Visit the Beach and/or Local Water Park

encouraging your kids to enjoy summer swimming

Of course, the above only work if you have your own private swimming pool, which most of us aren’t lucky enough to have.  You could always head to your local pool. However, taking the kids to the beach or to a water park is sure to be much more fun for them and a lot more entertaining for you too!  Remember that, wherever you go, it is important to teach your children about water safety; not to decrease the amount of fun that they can have, but to ensure they are safe no matter where they may be.

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