Kids Entertainment on a Rainy Day

Kids Entertainment on a Rainy Day

It happens every time. You spent the week planning a big road trip with the kids, designing your itinerary, arguing over what to do first and getting ready to enjoy a weekend in the great outdoors.

Now that the work week is over and the weekend has finally arrived, you throw open your door to great the day, only to be greeted by sheets of rain.

With your outdoor plans canceled and all your hard work coming to nothing, it is easy to get upset and stressed out. The kids, in particular, will probably be grumbling about the unfairness of life – and complaining that they now have nothing fun to do.

You can turn things around by looking for some fun indoor alternatives to those long-planned outdoor adventures.

Here are eight great ways to save the day and keep your kids busy in the great indoors, on a rainy day. Learn to bowl.

Consider Bowling

Bowling is always a fun activity, so head to the local alley and sign up for some lessons.

If your kids already know how to bowl, you can challenge them to a rainy-day tournament. FunPlex Amusement Park, Max Bowl Humble, and  Main Event Entertainment are bowling location in the greater Houston area.

Host a board game tournament for your children and their friends

Long before there were video games to keep young people entertained, there were board games. These creative alternatives are perfect for a rainy day, especially when you hold a tournament for family and friends.

Go to the Museum

Explore one of the 19 Houston museums are always fun, and they are indoors as well. The kids will have too much fun exploring the local science center or art museum even to notice it is raining.

Consider Arts and Crafts

Get creative with arts and crafts If the kids are complaining, set up an arts and crafts table and let them showcase their creativity. Whether they make beaded jewelry, create colorful works of art or just play around, the kids are sure to have a good time.

Dinner at a Theme Restaurant

Treat yourself to dinner at a theme restaurant. Theme restaurants are lots of fun, and the great meal you get is just icing on the cake. Just ask the kids where they want to go – and get ready to tie on the feed bag.

Decoration Works

If you have a budding designer in the family, give them free rein to decorate their bedroom. If all goes well, your son or daughter may even keep their room cleaner.

Movies on a Rainy Day

Host a family film festival. Chances are you have plenty of kid-friendly movies around, so gather your favorites and host a family film festival. You can while away the hours watching cartoons and other kid-appropriate fares.

Beautiful Makeovers

Get beautiful with a makeover. For older kids, a day spent doing hair and makeup can be just what the doctor, and the inclement weather, ordered. Be sure to take lots of pictures of the makeover in the process; the kids will want to post their favorites online.

If you look out your window and see nothing but rain, you may think that all is lost, but with a little work and creativity, you can salvage the day and still have lots of fun. Having a variety of rainy-day activities ready to go is always a smart idea, and it just may save your weekend.

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