What We Know About the Way the Covid-19 Virus Spreads

What We Know About the Way the Covid-19 Virus Spreads

Do you really know how the COVID-19 virus spreads? Coronavirus can spread in many ways. Below is what we know.

QUESTION: What are the main ways coronavirus spreads?

  1. People can Spread the Virus when they have absolutely no symptoms
  2. It can spread from someone who is infected by coughing, sneezing, or simply talking,(and possibly by breathing)
  3. It can float in the air for up to three (3) hours. Meaning, if someone sneezes or coughs in a hallway, other people walking in the hallway hours latter potentially can get exposed to the virus
  4. After landing on a surface it can stay active for DAYS

Knowing these four above points, what can we do to reduce our chances of contracting this virus?

ANSWER: Here are ways to avoid coronavirus.

  1. STAY HOME and avoid coming near people unless it is impossible to stay at home and be safe
  2. If you MUST go out STAY AS FAR AWAY from people as possible( at least 6 feet away).
  3. COVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE AT ALL TIMES when outside of the home so that you reduce the chances of spreading the virus when coughing, sneezing, or talking (or breathing)
  4. WASH OR SANITIZE YOUR HANDS frequently and specially after touching anything.
  5. If you must go out, CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES when you came back home and wash them. Clean your accessories with disinfectant (shoes, belts, watches, phones… etc), as well as take a shower yourself.
  6. WASH OR CLEAN THE SURFACE of anything you bring home ( including raw veggies and produce. )

DO all of the above to stay healthy.

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