How Lingual Braces Are an Effective

How Lingual Braces Are an Effective

What are lingual braces?

Traditional braces consist of a system of highly visible metal wires and brackets which are fitted to the front of your teeth, slowly exerting pressure to turn each tooth into a straighter position. Lingual braces are different – they’re fitted from the rear, and are very hard to see with a casual glance. Lingual braces are every bit as effective as the braces of yesteryear and provide results of a very high standard without generating those feelings of self-consciousness in the wearer.

Are there any downsides to lingual braces?

Although lingual braces seem like an ideal, unobtrusive solution to crooked teeth, they don’t come without their minor problems. First, even though fitting them is straightforward enough, it’s a relatively new procedure and not one that every dentist has started to offer.

Second, this relative rarity means that fitting them is more expensive than regular braces – you can expect to pay around twice the price of conventional braces, depending on the complexity of the treatment. The expense is also increased because lingual braces are designed and made to order, rather than being mass-produced and then adjusted to fit each patient.

Lastly, the placement of the braces can take a while to become accustomed to and can cause both soreness and difficulties with a speech in the early stages. However, most patients find that they quickly adjust, and barely notice their braces after a couple of weeks.

First impressions count.

how lingual braces are effective

People are often judged instantly by their appearance, with anything out of the ordinary noticed immediately upon meeting someone. Those with crooked smiles are very aware of this fact, and misaligned teeth which weren’t treated in childhood can be a huge source of adult self-consciousness and anxiety. For these people, wishing for a straighter, less conspicuous smile is nothing to do with vanity, but a way of easing their path through daily life.

The obvious way of remedying misaligned teeth is by fitting dental braces, but many people recoil from doing this. Everyone remembers the kid at school with a mouthful of metal, and few adults wish to revisit this situation. Luckily, dental technology has advanced greatly over recent years, and a new type of lingual brace is available, which is much less visible in use than the old-fashioned style.

If you feel the time has come to deal with your uneven smile, yet you don’t relish the idea of traditional braces, then ask your dentist about having lingual braces fitted – they could be the ideal solution you’ve been looking for.

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