Playground Safety

Playground Safety

Playgrounds are a staple in many children’s lives. You want your children to be able to enjoy playgrounds without you having to fear for their health and safety. When you want to make each trip to the park a fun experience, you can protect their fun and their safety by keeping some tips in mind. These precautions can help your kids enjoy their time at the playground and put your mind at ease.

Supervise Your Kids

Watching them play should be the first strategy you use to ensure your kids are able to play safely. Even if you are familiar with the park, you should not take for granted that your kids will avoid mishaps that could put their safety at risk.

Keeping an eye your kids can be easier when you choose a playground that is fenced-in where children can play without distraction or danger. A fenced playground like the one found at Memorial Park lets kids stay within the enclosed play area and helps you supervise your children.

Inspect the Playground Equipment

Before you let your children make a mad dash for the slide or the swings, you should inspect the equipment for signs of damage. Broken swings, loose slides, wobbly ladders and missing screws or hinges on playhouses can pose a real danger to your kids’ safety.

News outlets have reported stories of children being hurt on playground equipment after being cut on razor blades that have been taped under swings or on ladder rungs. Even if you think the playground is the safest place, you should look carefully for anything that looks broken, damaged or amiss that could pose a danger to your children’s safety.

Choose Age-Appropriate Playgrounds

Your toddler may be fascinated with the tall slides and high swings at some area playgrounds. However, you should choose age-appropriate play areas for your children under the age of five.

Preschoolers and toddlers often get hurt on play equipment that is designed for older kids. Many park designers are now creating special areas where these younger ones can play safely without getting injured. You should look around your area and choose a playground, such as the one at Lost Creek Park, that has a special area for preschoolers and toddlers to play on equipment designed just for them.

Play Indoors

While outdoor parks can be a lot of fun, indoor parks offer unprecedented safety and control that many parents like you may prefer. In fact, indoor playgrounds like Monkey Bizness, Stomping Grounds, and WonderWild feature absorbent and springy rubber flooring that helps children avoid being hurt if they fall off the play equipment.

These play areas are open and available for playtime, regardless of the weather. If your kids’ hearts are set on a day at the park, but the weather outside is bad, you can still let them play to their hearts’ content when you choose an indoor park.

Teach Safety Rules

Even as you watch them play, you can still take an extra step in keeping your children safe by teaching them to take turns and be nice when they are playing. Kids often get caught up in their fun and do not want to share with others on the playground with them. Shoving matches, throwing and tantrums sometimes abound when kids want to maximize their own enjoyment without thinking of others.

You can keep your kids safe by teaching them not to shove, hit, throw or act out against other kids at the park. You can also teach them to take turns standing in line, climbing on the ladders, swinging and otherwise using the equipment. Regardless of their ages, your children should be taught that playing nicely guarantees everyone’s fun at the park.

Dress Appropriately

Your children might want to enjoy an afternoon donned in their favorite costumes. However, it is your job as a parent to make sure they have dressed appropriately for the playground.

Rather than letting them wear long skirts, loose shoes, baggy pants and other risky clothing, you should make sure that your children wear clothes that will not get caught in the equipment, snagged on chains or hinges or tangled in the merry-go-round or swings. You should also make sure their jackets are zipped, their shoes are tied and that they do not have hoods with cords that could cause them to get caught up on a piece of equipment.

A day at the park should be fun as well as safe. When you want to maximize your kids’ fun, you should use these safety strategies before taking them to their favorite playground.

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