Pool Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Summer in Rosenberg, Texas

Pool Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Summer in Rosenberg, Texas

Swimming is one of the great, classic pastimes of the summer. Gathering together with family and friends at the pool is a fantastic way to catch up on what everyone has been doing and to share in good times. However, inevitably, we always hear the stories of pool accidents and fatalities. When you and your family head to the pool this summer be sure to practice pool safety in Rosenberg, TX.

Kids and the Pool

Children should always be supervised when at the pool. Accidents can happen and without adult supervision these accidents can turn into trauma. There are several rules and regulations which should be enforced for children at the pool whether at a home pool or out at a public location around Rosenberg.

  • No swimming when a lifeguard or parent is not present
  • No swimming alone
  • No swimming when there is thunder or rain
  • If a child has not learned to swim yet, no swimming without proper flotation devices
  • No jumping near the edge of the pool
  • No diving

At the start of the summer season, take your child to swimming lessons. Often swim classes for children are offered at the local beach, local day camp and local pools. Parents and children can register for local Water Safety and Swimming Lessons at the Greater Houston Area American Red Cross.

General Pool Rules

Along with rules for children, there are rules which every pool owner or pool visitor should be aware of. Common rules for pool safety in Rosenberg, TX include:

  • No playing near drains or other openings
  • No running around the pool
  • No glass near the pool
  • No cell phones in the pool
  • No food in the pool
  • Swim with a friend
  • Practice proper CPR if needed
  • Creating a Safe Pool Environment

A pool is like a flame for a moth. On the hot days of summer a pool may be the only place where you, your friends or your family want to be. This is wonderful. You can spend hours here letting the wind blow, enjoying a refreshing dip and even catching up on some light summer reading. In order to make sure everyone has a good time, proper planning of a pool area should be practiced.

Around the pool there should be a fence of at least four feet high. The fence should have a gate with a latch which is not easily manipulated by a child. Little hands are often good at getting into tight spaces. Ensure that your child does not know how to operate the lock.

It is helpful to have a first aid kit on hand. Know the signs of drowning, choking and other emergencies. A poster from the Red Cross with the steps for CPR can help keep everyone calm in an emergency situation.

Safe Summer Fun

Home pools and local area pools are a great place to spend summer days. Pool safety ensures everyone has a good time.

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