Professional Pool Cleaning

Professional Pool Cleaning

When the summer sun is beating down and tempers are getting frayed, plunging into the welcoming coolness of your pool can feel like a lifesaver. However, pool ownership doesn’t come without its downsides. Whether it’s large or small, your pool will need regular cleaning. A regular cleaning schedule can quickly turn your pool into a burden instead of a joy. This is where professional pool cleaning services can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of the hotter months.

To keep your pool safe and pleasant to swim in, it needs a thorough cleaning every week. For the amateur, scrubbing down the surfaces and pipework is a cumbersome and lengthy task, but professionals have the know-how and equipment to make an excellent job of it in a fraction of the time.

However, it’s even more important to maintain proper water quality. This can be difficult in the hotter months when summer surges can play havoc with the crucial balance of chemicals. Why does this matter?


Chlorine is the essential sanitation agent in most pools, but adding a few tablets when you remember isn’t enough. If there’s too much chlorine in your pool you can risk unpleasant effects such as stinging eyes or even asthma attacks. It will also make your water acidic, leading to corrosion of the pool and its equipment.

On the other hand, if the level is too low, algae can grow remarkably quickly, dangerous germs won’t be neutralized, and the water can turn unpleasantly cloudy or even milky-white through raised alkalinity.


The water’s calcium levels also need to be monitored carefully. Too little, and the water will start to leach calcium from the pool’s structure and fixtures, corroding them over time. Too much, and you’ll get mineral deposits forming which can drastically shorten the pool’s working life.

All of this can be a tricky balancing act, but professionals have the expertise, measuring equipment, and chemicals to maintain the perfect water quality, whether your pool is a regular one or uses a salt chlorinator.

A refreshing dip is a refreshing relief in the height of summer, but you need to make sure your pool stays up to the task. That means getting the experts in if you want to enjoy a dip without the drudgery.

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