SignatureCare Emergency Center College Scholarship

SignatureCare Emergency Center College Scholarship Award

At SignatureCare Emergency Center, we believe in giving back to the community and one way we do that is through our bi-annual scholarship program. Twice a year, we award scholarships to deserving college students who meet certain criteria and demonstrate passion for the medical field.

The SignatureCare Emergency Center College Scholarship is designed to help medical students or prospective medical students pay their college tuitions, and further their education. This $1,000 scholarship which is awarded twice a year (Fall and Spring semesters), will go to deserving students who display strong passion for their fields.

Deadline to Apply for Scholarship

Fall Semester:
Application opens: May 1 / Closes: August 15.
Fall Semester Scholarship Award amount – $1000.

Spring Semester:
Application opens: September 25 / Closes: January 2.
Spring Semester Scholarship Award amount – $1000.

Scholarship Application Requirement

To qualify for SignatureCare Emergency College Scholarship, each applicant must meet the following conditions.

  1. Be enrolled full time at an accredited college or university
  2. Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  3. Submit a minimum 500-word essay and 30-second video

Essays and videos should address the question: Who or what inspired you to enter the medical field?
If you are a college freshman and do not have a GPA score – indicate that in your essay.

How to Apply for SignatureCare Emergency Center College Scholarship

Each applicant MUST SUBMIT THEIR ESSAY AND VIDEO via email to

Download, complete and attach the scholarship application form (see below) along with your video and essay to the email message.

To apply, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Scholarship Document and Release Form – Download, complete and attach to your email message
  2. Essay – Attach to your email message
  3. Video – Attach your video or include a link to the video hosted on Dropbox or Google Drive
  4. Email – Send your application package to us at

If you choose to send a link to your video hosted on Dropbox or Google Drive, please make sure it is viewable by the public.

By submitting this scholarship application, you agree that SignatureCare Emergency Center may use the information that you have provided including your name, photo, video, essay, and school information, to determine eligibility and for scholarship publicity purposes.

All completed applications must be received by the specified dates above to qualify for the scholarship awards. A winner per semester, will be selected and notified via telephone or email after the entry deadline.

SignatureCare Emergency Center will also announce the award on our website, social media pages, and through a press release to radio, TV, and newspapers.

Should you be awarded this scholarship, you will be required to announce it on your social media profiles and follow SignatureCare Emergency Center on social media.

Note: Employees of SignatureCare Emergency Center and their families are not eligible to enter for this Scholarship.

We take your privacy seriously. Read the SignatureCare Privacy Policy.

Some of Our Past Scholarship Winners

2022 Fall Winner – Michelle Truong (See Video)
2022 Spring Winner – Katy Wyszynski (See Video)
2021 Fall Winner – Dzhuliyan (Jay) Vasilev (See Video)
2021 Spring Winner – David Wang (See Video)
2020 Fall Winner – Sereena Jivraj (See Video)
2020 Spring Winner – Caitlin Richardson (See Video)
2019 Fall Winner – BriyaMarie Contreras (See Video)
2019 Spring Winner – Aaron Boykin
2018 Fall Winner – Matthew Davis
2018 Spring Winner – Hanna Wu (See Video)
2017 Fall Winner – Ashlea Grabau (See Video)
2017 Spring Winner – Mariana Castillo (See Video)
2016 Fall Winner – Andrea Schwartz (See Video)
2016 Spring Winner – Hope Larson (See Video)

Some Past Winners

Michelle Truong, a Biology Pre-Med and Psychology Major at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX, winner of SignatureCare Emergency Center 2022 Fall Semester Medical and Health Scholarship

Michelle Truong

Katy Wyszynski, a University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine student

Katy Wyszynski

Mayo Clinic Medical Student

Dzhuliyan (Jay) Vasilev

David Wang, UNiversity of Houston 2021 SignatureCare Emergency Center Scholarship Winner

David Wang

Sereena Jivraj

Sereena Jivraj

Caitlin Richardson

Caitlin Richardson

Recent SignatureCare Emergency Center Scholarship Winners