SignatureCare Emergency Center Cyclists Shine at the 2023 Bike for Autism Bike Ride

SignatureCare Emergency Center Cyclists Shine at the 2023 Bike for Autism Bike Ride


The SignatureCare Emergency Center cycling team was out in full force this past weekend at the 2023 biketothebeach bike ride in support of Autism. 

The annual bike ride supports “local autism and disability organizations through fun bike rides,” according to biketothebeach’s website

This year, the Bike for Autism event attracted seasoned and amateur cyclists from numerous organizations who rode distances between 30-100 miles to support this worthy cause. 

The team, led by Angel Cruz, SignatureCare Emergency Center’s Director of Nursing, Houston Region, raised an impressive $5914, placing them fifth for fundraising in the Houston region. Cruz placed ninth in the region for singlehandedly raising $1500. 

At the conclusion of the bike ride, Cruz thanked all those touched by Autism for allowing the cycling team to carry the names of their loved ones during the event. 

“Thank you to those who are touched by Autism for letting us carry your loved one's name for all 100.67 miles. You can see their names in the pictures. I showed it to every autism foundation that hosted the rest stops and they were so touched and impressed by it,” he said. 

The Honor Helmet which bears the names of autistic children of SignatureCare Emergency Center employees was won by most of the cyclists. 

He also thanked all the riders and supporters that made the event successful. 

“Thank you to our team of riders and supporters: Nick Starovic, Terra Brewton, Jamie Mcclanahan, Thao Nguyen, Arismeth Aviles, Anastasia Estrada, Jennifer Bower, Cecilia Cauley and Kayla Waterman. Thank you for making this day not only fun but also deeply meaningful,” he added. 

Special thanks also to City Ambulance for donating $500 to the cause through SignatureCare’s cycling team. 

Angel Cruz covered the full 100-mile course while fellow SignatureCare cyclist Arismeth Aviles covered 50 miles. The rest of the team covered an impressive 30 miles. 

This year, the nationwide cycling event raised $1,439,596 in support of Autism. 

Congratulations to all cyclists and supporters. We are proud of you!














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