Signaturecare Emergency Center: Standing Strong with Texans Against coronavirus (COVID-19)

Signaturecare Emergency Center: Standing Strong with Texans Against coronavirus (COVID-19)

As Texans battle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, SignatureCare Emergency Center, your neighborhood 24-hour emergency room operator wants to update the community on the steps we are taking to ensure the community receives the highest quality emergency room care in the months ahead.

Despite challenges from national shortage of critical medical supply to handle COVID-19 related issues, all of our 17 emergency centers throughout Texas are determined to stand tall in support of the community.

What We Are Doing to Prepare for COVID-19

Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic, and no one is quite sure how long it will be around but there are things we are doing to ensure we are ready to take care of our neighbors.

To that end, we recently completed the distribution of over 200 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to all of our emergency room personnel in anticipation of coronavirus patients visiting our emergency rooms.

Led by our founders Dr. Hashibul Hannan, Dr. Aaron Braun, and Dr. Kanti Bansal, the company-wwide effort ensures that all personnel are equipped to deal with patients as they come into our ER, without endangering the lives of our employees
 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against Coronavirus - SignatureCare Emergency Center
Dr. Hannan explained the reasoning behind the action.

“In our preparation to handle COVID-19 cases, we recently placed hundreds of sets of protective equipment in all of our emergency centers. We want to make sure all of our employees are protected as they see patients who may be suffering from the virus,” he said.

“All SignatureCare Emergency Center locations now have a baseline supply of the necessary equipment including gowns, eyewear, masks, boots, and gloves, as we stand strong in the face of this worldwide pandemic,” Dr. Hannan added.

SignatureCare Emergency Center is asking the community to follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as they work to protect themselves and their families.

Dr. Hannan said that while getting personal protective equipment may prove difficult for families, there are ways around that dilemma.

“Having trouble finding masks in stores or online? There are ways to ensure we are not unknowingly spreading the virus. For instance, we can practice social distancing when we are with friends or out and about in public. We can also cover our noses and mouths with scarves or other pieces of clothing if we can’t find masks, or other personal protective equipment,” he said.

“Regular surgical masks can serve a purpose during COVID-19, to stop the spread of the disease to other people from the person wearing it. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you should wear a surgical mask, which is different from an n95 mask. Even if you’re feeling just fine, you could be an asymptomatic carrier.”

“We are encouraging everyone to at least wear surgical masks to reduce their chances of passing the virus onto their friends, family, and strangers in their communities. While it does not stop the spread of the virus completely, it certainly is better than not wearing a mask and trying to cough into one’s sleeve,” he added.

Practice Safety to Avoid COVID-19

Hannan said that while it might not be necessary to wear a mask at home, it is important to wear them when performing essential everyday tasks outside the home.

“People should avoid social gatherings as much as possible but if it is necessary to do so, I recommend wearing masks to protect those around you. Besides working as a barrier to spreading germs, it also works as a deterrent to touching one’s face. At home, it may be OK to not wear a mask, however it is important to use it when performing essential tasks such as buying food from the grocery store or visiting a doctor,” he said.

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