Learn Chinese with the Chinese-In-Action Summer Program for Children in Bellaire, Texas

Learn Chinese with the Chinese-In-Action Summer Program for Children in Bellaire, Texas

If you have been looking for the perfect way to keep your child active and engaged this summer, then you may want to sign him up for the Chinese-In-Action summer program at the Chinese Community Center in Bellaire, Texas. The Chinese-In-Action summer program helps children learn more about the Chinese culture through immersion, and it will allow your child to learn and grow in an environment that is rich in culture.

What Is Chinese-In-Action?

Chinese-In-Action is a summer program for children ages 5-11 years old that is hosted by the Chinese Community Center at 9800 Town Park Houston, TX 77036. The program is made up of two sessions, and each week has a different theme that helps children learn to speak Mandarin through a variety of fun and engaging activities. The last session currently running is July 7th – July 25th. Students attend the summer camp Mondays through Fridays for three weeks as they delve into meaningful and enriching lessons that help them understand more about the Chinese culture.

What Will Children Learn in the Program?

Children who enroll in Chinese-In-Action will learn how to speak Mandarin through immersion. The program features several activities that will reinforce language skills while teaching children more about the Chinese culture. A new theme is introduced each week, and all of the activities and curriculum will center on that particular theme. As they are learning the Chinese language, students will also participate in enrichment activities that will help them learn more about the culture, including activities such as origami, paper cutting and Chinese calligraphy. Native Mandarin speakers will lead field trips each Wednesday so that children can learn daily phrases as they visit places around Houston.

How Will My Child Benefit from the Program?

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in the Chinese-In-Action program over the summer including:

  • Allowing your child to explore and learn during his summer vacation, making it easier to transition into the school year
  • Reaping the advantages of learning a second language, helping creative thought while strengthening his cognitive skills.
  • Learning about cultural awareness and acceptance
  • Interacting with other children as he completes hands-on activities, participates in field trips and explores Chinese traditions.

The Chinese Community Center is dedicated to helping Houston families interact and learn more about each other’s cultures. Whether you are new to the area and want your child to meet new people or simply want to make the most out of your child’s time away from school, the Chinese-In-Action summer program is an excellent opportunity. This unique summer camp will immerse your child in the Mandarin language while providing him with memories that he will carry for a lifetime.

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