The Benefits of Connecting Mind and Heart

The Benefits of Connecting Mind and Heart

The Benefits of Connecting Mind and Heart

The heart is a muscle like any other, but it can’t stop working to rest or heal itself. As a muscle, it also feeds on the life-giving nutrients brought to it by your blood. With proper nutrition and a balance of exercise and rest, your heart will be strong and reliable. When your heart is over-extended and under-nourished, it can collapse and lead to death.

How the Mind and Heart Relate

The muscular wall-like part inside your heart and the circulatory system around it are connected to your brain through a communication network. Your heart field performs the functions of a carrier wave, connecting you to the world around you.

Messages sent from the brain, either hormonally or through nerve impulses, can tell the muscular tissues of your circulatory system to either relax or contract. With this communication network you can literally train your circulatory system to tense or relax.

The voice that orders you to commit to a certain action and perform it often becomes the very voice ridiculing that action or decision after having committed it. You live your life in a work cubicle to get the “benefits” your job offers. You stay friends with people that you like, doing and saying things to fit in, and blame your mind for that.The Benefits of Connecting Mind and Heart

Yet it seems like you are always coming up with conflicting messages within yourself. Even though you may have a strong belief about the correctness of a certain choice, how sure can you be about it? How can you be sure that this is not just something that you want to do?

What Causes the Disconnect?

The main reason you suffer from indecision is that you have mistaken the respective goals of your heart and mind. The heart is like a compass, it guides you which path to take in life, taking a bird’s eye view of your life. On the other hand, your mind isn’t made for making purpose-driven decisions. The nature of your mind is to conceptualize and organize. One of the greatest challenges you will continually face is to try to overcome this mind- heart disconnect. To develop the
right attitude, positive desires in your heart and then to live up to it, doing the right thing.

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If this connection is split up and you are only operating through the mind, you will end up wasting your energy, which usually leads to decisions you are likely to regret. Negative emotions like anger, stubbornness, and impatience, critical inner voices will take over and silence the intuitive prompting of your heart.

Benefits of a Connected Heart and Mind

If the connection between your heart and mind is harmonious, then your decision making will get better. You will have increased clarity and a greater understanding when it comes to solving problems. The right body-mind-heart connection benefits you at all levels.

Regardless of the type of mind-heart connection that works well for you, the key to success is to focus on maintaining it.

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