The Best Health Food Restaurants in Memorial City

The Best Health Food Restaurants in Memorial City

Quite apart from helping you to lose weight, eating a healthy diet has a number of other benefits. It can help you to sleep better, make you more alert during the day so you’re more productive, boost your stamina and energy levels, and help you to ward off depression.

Does that mean you should never indulge in fast food or sweet snacks? No, because it’s all about moderation. The odd treat won’t do you any harm; it’s only when eating a healthy alternative is the treat and empty calories are your usual go-to snack that you’re doing your body a disservice.

And there are so many great health food restaurants in Memorial City where it’s as easy to choose healthy meal options as it is to choose sugar or fat.

Here are some fantastic places you could try:


With branches scattered through the city, you won’t have much trouble finding a restaurant serving delicious, colorful, healthy foods.

Using only the best ingredients that are freshly prepared each day, the menu at Salata is fully customizable so you can pick only your favorites. Choose a mix of lettuces then move on to toppings (there are over 50 so we defy you not to find some you like) that include jicama, bean sprouts, strawberries and pumpkin seeds.

Top it all off with one of 10 dressings and choose your lean meats from grilled chicken to herb marinated shrimp. There’s also a selection of signature lemonades and teas to wash everything down in an equally healthy fashion.

Ruggles Green

Who says fast food can’t be healthy as well as quick? When you want rapid, casual dining that includes a gluten free menu, and food from owners that take a responsible approach to the allergen needs of their customers, Ruggles Green could be what you’re looking for.

Using local ingredients, organic where possible, and taking advantage of seasonal produce, you’ll find all your fast food favorites, but with health baked into every bite so you can eat without any worries.

On the menu are delicacies such as empanadas made with high protein hemp flour, turkey lettuce wraps filled with delicious fresh ingredients, and house-made organic chickpea hummus that’s served with sun-dried tomatoes and wood-fired flat bread. There is so much more too, including pizzas, pastas and more sandwiches and Panini’s than you could eat in a lifetime.

Snap Kitchen

If you’re counting calories, Snap Kitchen gives you a calorie count for each of their meals. For instance, the beef sweet potato scramble comes in at just 340 calories, and even the almond butter and maple pancakes are only 180 per serving. You can either heat up your chosen meal at their location, or take it away to eat at home or in the office.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to eating healthier on a regular basis you could sign up to their 21 day program that includes meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a couple of snacks for each day. Alternatively, if you just want to order in on a casual basis, they’ll deliver to home or work in the Houston area and beyond.

A Moveable Feast

Offering restaurant facilities and a grab and go menu, A Moveable Feast restaurants have a vast array of healthy meals including special kids menus, salads, vegetarian burgers and sandwiches. None of the food is fried, and organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

The meat products include grass-fed beef for burgers and they offer dairy free and vegan or wheat-free choices too. For those in a hurry, the take away menu is equally tempting, with pasta dishes, enchiladas, and a whole host of salads including tabouli, quinoa salad, or cranberry walnut chicken salad. There are also soups, and their famous vegetarian chili.


Dedicated to helping people turn their eating habits around, Eatfitters even have a nutritionist at every location. They offer various diet plans covering several days, providing carefully measured, pre-portioned dishes that are low in sodium and high in protein. You don’t have to join a plan, you can just pop in and grab what you fancy, heating it on the premises or taking it away with you.

Choose from family meals such as Cilantro pesto pasta with grilled chicken, Atlantic salmon with brown rice and an asparagus side or opt for a quick snack like hummus and eggs or a lovely chicken soup. The menu is extensive, incorporating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats and delicious sauces.

Whatever the time of day, and no matter how much of a hurry you’re in, there’s always a healthy option to be found in Memorial City!

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