The Best Places to Eat Healthy in Montrose

The Best Places to Eat Healthy in Montrose

The Best Places to Eat Healthy in Montrose

Healthy eating choices are easy in Montrose, but finding healthy food when you’re pressed for time can be a challenge. But that’s not the case in Montrose, where we have a great selection of restaurants that put your health at the top of the menu.

Here are five of our favorite places to eat healthy in Montrose:

Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine

Serving delicious Mediterranean meat dishes every day of the working week to professionals or busy people about town, Aladdin’s menu features fast favorites with a healthy twist. Lunch specials include one entrée and three sides, with as much Pitta bread as you could possibly need.

Choose Steak, Lamb or Chicken Kabob, Chicken Shawarma, Kafta Kabob and loads more, all of which are served with delicious sauces. There are great choices for vegetarians too, whether you just fancy a change or vegetarian eating is your preferred lifestyle.

Aladdin Mediterranean raises street food to a whole new level of dine-in excellence, creating healthy alternatives to the standard fare of lunchtime menus. No time to eat out? No problem, as they’ll cater for you whether it’s for a business meeting or a private party. They have a take-out menu too featuring salads, sandwiches, dips, and, of course lots of char-grilled or slow roasted meats. You’ll find Aladdin at 912 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX.

Bowl Cafe

If you love a healthy salad at lunchtime, you’ll love the Bowl Cafe. Salads aren’t all they serve, either, but when you look at their menu packed full of tasty offerings such as Warm Spinach Soup, traditional Caesar or Greek Salad, you’ll find you really don’t need to look any further.

Alternatively, you can’t beat a well-made sandwich and Bowl Cafe has some of the best. Choose from El Capitan with Prosciutto, Brie and Red Onion on soft French bread, or Pulled Pork with Thai Coleslaw, Sliced Apple and Red Onion on a toasted Pagnotta. There are also burgers, pizzas and soups to choose from; in fact, just about everything you could want for a satisfying, healthy lunch.

Using many organic ingredients and prepared from scratch, you’re assured of fresh and healthy dining. You can order online, so your choice is ready when you are. The Bowl Cafe is open every day except Sunday and can be found at 607 Richmond Avenue, Houston.


What’s not to like about a doner kebap? Originally from Turkey, this delicious fast snack is turned into an art at Vertskebap restaurant. Boasting almost 294,000 combinations of fresh veggy, meats, dips and sauces, if you can’t find something you like here there’s something wrong. And best of all? Most meal combinations contain less than 550 calories of goodness.

The bread is Turkish style and suitable for vegans. It’s grilled to order and trans fat free with a melting middle and a crispy crust. Garlic and spicy, house-made red sauces are cooked with yogurt for a healthier alternative to cream or mayo, meats are lean and locally sourced and cooked on a vertical rotisserie in traditional, middle-eastern style. You’ll find them at 1801 East 51 Street in Austin, in the Mueller Market District.

Local Foods

Good food prepared with fresh local ingredients makes this a popular location for lunch and beyond – Local Foods serves great dishes till 8.30pm, seven days a week. From favorites such as Salt-Pepper Roast Beef with Cheddar, Horseradish, Kale and Curried Cauliflower to a Truffled Egg Salad with Market Greens, Parmesan and Tomato, you can’t go wrong.

Fancy something fishy? How about Gulf Shrimp and Blue Crab on Ciabatta with a Greed Goddess Dressing? Alternatives to the sandwich menu include homemade salads (you can also turn any sandwich selection into a salad) or delicious soup. Sides include choices of Olives, Cabbage Slaw, Housemade Chips or local fruit. This shows just a small selection on the varied menu. You’ll find them at 2424 Dunstan Road, Houston, in the Rice Village.

Fuel Kitchen & Health Bar

On a mission to provide high quality foods with outstanding nutritional values, Fuel uses only grass fed, hormone-free beef and breast meat. It’s tasty, juicy and bursting with flavor for a satisfying lunch or a quick, easy meal at any time.

Choose from our favorites such as Gingered Beef with Carrots and Jasmine Rice, or Beef Fajita with Jambalaya Rice and Black Bean Sauce. There’s also seafood like Baked Sweet Chili Shrimps and Balsamic Salmon as well as salads with chicken or kale. No time to eat before work? Stop off at Fuel for breakfast and fill up till lunch on a Spinach and Turkey Omelet or Basil Egg and Scallion Hash Browns. For those in-between times, there’s also a choice of healthy snacks or smoothies. You’ll find Fuel at 1005 Waugh Drive, Houston.

Don’t settle for the old burger and fries when you’re hungry. With these great options, Montrose is a health-conscious gourmet’s delight.

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