Getting Ready for Camping Season – Top Tips to Remember

Getting Ready for Camping Season – Top Tips to Remember

As warmer weather approaches, outdoor enthusiasts are looking forward to camping season. Whether you are heading off to cottage country or longing to camp near your favorite beach, getting ready for camping season can be fraught with frustration. There are so many things to remember; invariably you will forget a thing or two as you head off to your destination. Getting ready in advance is an awesome way to prepare for camping season. There are numerous things you can pack in advance so you don’t feel so overwhelmed just before your camping trip. Consider the following camping tips if you want to ensure getting ready for your big trip is stress-free and enjoyable.

– Pack your camp kitchen items ahead of time. Include items like a cast iron frying pan, silverware, cutting knife, and cleaning sponge/dish soap. Pack your kitchen items in a re-sealable plastic container (see-through works great).

– Bug repellant is a must-add item when getting ready for camping season. Investigate the type of bugs that are prevalent at your camping destination to ensure

Getting Ready for Camping Season - Top Tips to Remember

 you pack the appropriate bug repellant. While mosquitoes might be prevalent at one campground, another might be plagued by flies. If you pack the right repellant, you can make sure everyone in your camping group has a good time without getting bitten by bugs.

– Don’t forget Fido when getting ready for camping season. You can pre-pack items for your pooch just like you pre-pack items for yourself. Add feeding dishes, a container for water, a sturdy leash and collar, and play toys too. Make sure your dog’s identification is clearly visible on their collar just in case they get separated from you while camping (consider having your pet microchipped).

– You can also pack some wardrobe items ahead of time. Hiking boots, hiking pants, and rain gear are just some of the items you can get ready in advance of a camping trip. The more clothes you pre-pack, the less work you’ll have to do as your getaway day approaches.

It is easy to reduce your workload by preparing in advance for a camping trip. The more you can do in the weeks leading up to your trip, the less stressed you’ll feel as the big day approaches. Will you be trying any of these camping tips before your next big adventure into the great outdoors?

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