Most Dangerous Sugar Land Intersections

Most Dangerous Sugar Land Intersections

Most Dangerous Sugar Land Intersections

As part of the Houston metro area, Sugar Land is home to some of the world’s busiest traffic. As a significant portion of Houston’s 2 million strong population travels in and out of this part of the city, it is not unusual that Sugar Land also witnesses many traffic accidents each year. In fact, a number of intersections experience high incidences of crashes, making these traffic ways among the most dangerous in the area. People who visit or live in the city should know where these intersections are and why they can drive safer when they wear their seatbelts.

The Necessity of Wearing Seat Belts

Regardless of where people drive, they would do well to remember their seat belts. In fact, safety experts remind people that they have a better chance of surviving a wreck if they are strapped in properly while riding or driving in a vehicle. Experts use these facts to bolster their arguments for seat belt use:

  • People have a 50 percent chance of surviving a crash if they wear seat belts
  • Car accidents claim the lives of more people aged 35 and under than any other cause of death
  • Car accidents have cost people in this country more than $70 billion so far
  • Seat belts can be worn by anyone, regardless of their age, body size, height, and other factors
  • Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, even on short journeys or in rural areas

Men and women both have the same chances of dying in a car accident if they are not wearing seatbelts. Gender has nothing to do with surviving a wreck or the need to wear a seatbelt.

These facts make the case for why people should wear their safety belts when traveling around Sugar Land or any other part of the country. People are reminded to make seat belts are part of their everyday travels and to set the example for their kids by wearing them each time the family gets in the car. This basic reminder can save their lives if or when they are in an accident.

Sugar Land’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Still, city leaders sought information to identify the intersections that have the highest number of wrecks. They put the task of finding this information to the Sugar Land police department, who partnered with the Metropolitan Traffic Safety Program. They used these identifiers to help them find out where the most dangerous intersections are:

  • Land use around the intersections
  • How cars turned in the intersections
  • Volume of traffic
  • How severe each crash was
  • If the wrecks could have been prevented
  • What time of day or night the accidents took place
  • Types of crash (car vs car, pedestrian, etc.)
  • Location
  • The number of wrecks in the past 2 years

After they used these criteria, the police and the program were able to identify these intersections at being the riskiest and most dangerous in Sugar Land:

  • Highway 6 at Northbound US 59
  • the 1900 block of Highway 6
  • Highway 6 and Lexington Boulevard
  • Highway 6 and Town Center Boulevard North
  • Eldridge Road and West Airport Boulevard
  • Eldridge Road and Florence Drive
  • Dulles Avenue and Lexington Boulevard
  • Dulles Avenue and Avenue E
  • Dulles Avenue and Broadmoor Drive
  • Sweetwater Boulevard and Greystone Way
  • Sweetwater Boulevard and Lexington Boulevard
  • Sweetwater Boulevard and Town Center Boulevard South
  • Williams Trace Boulevard and South Parkway
  • Williams Trace Boulevard and Lexington Boulevard

With these intersections now identified, people who live in Sugar Land, as well as those who plan to visit, can take precautions to avoid being in an accident. They can also resolve to wear their seat belts to better their chances of being safe while driving.

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