SignatureCare Emergency Center COVID-19 Screening and Protection


Steps We Take to Protect Patients from COVID-19 Pandemic in our ER

At SignatureCare Emergency Center, we are concerned about your well being and that of your family during this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and have taken several steps to keep you and your family safe when you visit any of our emergency centers in Texas.

These steps range from taking extra care to clean and prepare our ER before you arrive, to minimizing contacts between you and others in the waiting areas. This minimal contact allows us to lower any chance of community transmission of COVID-19.

We also enforce wearing of masks and other PPE for our staff, masks and hand hygiene for everyone visiting our emergency rooms.

We have equipped our facilities with HEPA air filtration. Every room and furniture is sanitized before patients are allowed in the room.

We provide a negative pressure isolation room in each emergency center should one be needed. In some of our emergency centers, we have set up outside tents for outdoor screening of each patient before they are allowed inside our emergency centers.

Below are some concrete steps we have taken to ensure your safety when you visit our emergency centers.

  • Everyone including our staff, patients and their family members wear masks while in the facility
  • We enforce hand hygiene for everyone while they are in our ER
  • All our facilities are equipped with HEPA air filtration
  • Each patient room, including all furniture, is fully sanitized before each patient enters the room
  • All linens are changed for every new patient
  • We have a negative pressure isolation room available should one be needed
  • We have started outdoor screenings for all emergency room patients

At SignatureCare Emergency Center, we always go above and beyond the minimum requirements for the safety of our patients and staff!

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COVID-19 Screening at Signaturecare ER

SignatureCare COVID-19

SignatureCare COVID-19

COVID-19 Screening at Signaturecare ER

COVID-19 Screening at Signaturecare ER