Don’t Be SAD: Know the Signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Don’t Be SAD: Know the Signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder

If you feel down during the cold winter months, the weather may not be your only problem. Many people feel down at this time of year, but those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, are more affected than others.

Seasonal affective disorder is a real problem, and it can be a serious one. SAD sufferers do not have to suffer in silence, however – there are effective treatments for this common condition.

Ways to Treat SAD

From supplements to light boxes, there are plenty of ways to treat seasonal affective disorder. If you think you may be a SAD sufferer, you should talk to your doctor about the condition and potential treatments.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Written On Paper Note

So how do you know if you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or just feeling a bit down because of the early darkness and cold weather?

The intensity of your feelings can give you a clue. While everyone feels down and depressed once in a while, SAD sufferers find that their depression lingers.

If you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder, you may also lose interest in activities you once enjoyed, including hobbies that have nothing to do with the cold weather or the season.

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If you are losing touch with your friends and giving up your former activities, you might want to see your doctor and see if you are suffering from SAD.

Changes in your daily activities, including sleeping more and feeling sluggish when you wake, can also be indicators of seasonal affective disorder. Conversely, you may have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and changes in mood and energy levels are common in this condition.

In extreme cases, SAD sufferers may experience feelings of hopelessness, and even consider suicide. Those ties to suicidal thoughts and feelings can make seasonal affective disorder a truly life-threatening condition, and you should not ignore the signs and symptoms.

If you feel you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder, or you recognize the above signs and symptoms in someone you love, it is important to get help.

While normal feelings of lethargy may resolve on their own, seasonal affective disorder is something else entirely. This common and potentially dangerous condition requires an expert diagnosis – and the right treatment.

From treatment with light boxes to supplementation with the right nutrients, prompt intervention can make all the difference and help you get over your SADness.

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