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Fractures are often caused by falling and may need x-rays in order to determine the severity of the fracture. s, but it is usually not serious unless it lasts for several days.


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Fracture | Emergency Room Symptoms


If you suspect you have a fracture, don’t wait to visit the emergency room. SignatureCare Emergency Center will give you x-rays and check for fractures and broken bones. Our facility has all of the state-of-the-art technology to take care of you, and our emergency room is open 24 hours day. You can make an appointment at our emergency room or just show up for any urgent care needs including fractures, 24 hours a day.

Fractures are broken bones that are usually caused by a severe injury or trauma. Fractures occur when a bone is placed under too much stress or pressure. Many people experience at least one fracture in their lifetime, but children and elderly adults are more likely to suffer from fractures. The severity of the fracture depends on several factors, including its location and the amount of damage to the bone.

Types of Fractures:

There are several classifications of fractures, and they are categorized by how the bone is broken, whether the broken pieces have moved and whether the bone has broken through the skin.

  • Open fracture – In an open fracture, the bone breaks through the skin and is visible with the eye. In some cases, the bone may then move back under the skin so that it is no longer visible. Open fractures must be treated as soon as possible because of the high risk of bone infection.
  • Closed fracture – When the bone has broken in two but has not pierced the skin, it is a closed fracture.
  • Non-displaced fracture – In a non-displaced fracture, the bone has broken but stays in alignment.
  • Displaced fracture – A displaced fracture occurs when the pieces of the broken bone are no longer aligned.
  • Comminuted fracture – If the bone has broken into several pieces, it is a comminuted fracture.
  • Greenstick fracture – Greenstick fractures, which occur when the bone bends instead of breaking, are seen more frequently in young children.
  • Pathologic fracture – Pathologic fractures are the result of bones weakening due to disease.

When to Seek Medical Attention:

Fractures are usually very painful, and the pain may increase when you move or apply pressure to the break. You may also notice that the area has become swollen or bruised. If you suspect that you have a fracture, you need to come into our emergency center. Come in immediately if you notice:

  • Your fingers or toes are turning blue or numb
  • The person with the fracture is unresponsive or not breathing
  • The fracture occurred during a serious injury
  • The neck, head or spine may be fractured
  • The bone has broken through the skin
  • There is heavy bleeding at the site of the fracture
  • The fracture is in the upper leg, pelvis or hip

If you have a fracture, please visit our 24 hour urgent care emergency room immediately. Fractures are considered an emergency.  Our trained emergency room medical professionals are always available, even in the middle of the night, during the weekend or on a holiday. SignatureCare Emergency Center has multiple emergency centers. Visit one of our ER locations close to you. Our board-certified physicians will get you taken care of, within the comforts of our fully-stocked facility. Schedule an emergency room appointment with us.

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